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Global Flooding News 2022

blue and white wooden houses beside river under blue and white cloudy sky
Photo by Syed Qaarif Andrabi on Pexels.com


This page provides a few video reports about world flooding and what people in different regions are doing to address the problem. Videos are posted in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Descriptions provided are from the source page on YouTube.

Deutsche Welle (23 Oct 2022)

“Nigeria grapples with catastrophic flooding” — Nigeria experiences annual flooding, especially in coastal areas, but this year’s floods are the worst in more than a decade. 1.4 million people had to flee their homes for camps set up on higher ground. But help is slow in arriving. Many roads and bridges are washed out.

Deutsche Welle (21 Oct 2022)

“Floods in Nigeria: Why is aid taking so long to reach affected areas?” — Authorities in Nigeria are warning of a looming hunger crisis. The worst flooding for a decade has killed at least 600 people and left more than a million homeless. Even before the floods hit, the country was already battling high inflation and food shortages – and the UN had warned of catastrophic levels of hunger.

CNN (11 Oct 2022)

“Hundreds of homes are already underwater, and this river is expected to stay flooded through Thanksgiving” — Hundreds of homes in central Florida are still submerged in floodwater as the St. Johns — a notoriously lazy river on the east side of the peninsula — lethargically drains the historic rainfall that Hurricane Ian dropped nearly two weeks ago. [More]

PBS NewsHour (19 Sep 2022)

“Puerto Rico hit with flooding, widespread power outages from Hurricane Fiona” — Hurricane Fiona knocked out power and water to up to one million people in Puerto Rico. President Biden issued an emergency declaration for the island making federal aid available for rescue efforts during and after the storm. Dr. Michelle Carlo of Direct Relief joined William Brangham to discuss the extent of the damage.

Washington Post (16 Sep 2022)

“At least 10 dead in flooding after Italy is hit by unprecedented rains” — Several hours of extraordinary rainfall triggered flooding across a stretch of central Italy early Friday and left at least 10 dead, with several others missing, according to authorities. [More]

Deutsche Welle (9 Sep 2022)

“Can we stop ice sheets from melting?” — Melting ice sheets are the biggest danger to sea level rise. But researchers are investigating whether there could be a way to stop the flow of ice. Could these far-out ideas be worth it?

Deutsche Welle (7 Sep 2022)

“Pakistan’s largest lake on the verge of bursting banks – thousands still wait for help” — Pakistani officials on Tuesday were left struggling after a third attempt to drain the country’s largest freshwater lake failed. After weeks of devastating floods, Lake Manchar in Sindh province is dangerously close to overflowing – which could destroy the surrounding villages.

ABC News (6 Sep 2022)

“Heavy rain prompts flood watches in 10 states” — Some areas in the Northeast have received more rain in these storms than in the past two months, with several more inches to come.

Deutsche Welle (6 Sep 2022)

“Pakistan floodwaters could stay for months and could cost 10 billion dollars” — The damage bill for Pakistan could top 10 billion dollars. But recovery funds are tight. And experts reckon it could take months for the flood-waters to recede. Homes and businesses are sub-merged — or don’t even exist anymore. Reconstruction is impossible right now. Thousands of the small factories and kilns across the country have been extinguished. Their supplies of bricks — needed for re-building — are also under-water.

PBS (6 Sep 2022)

“Climate change increasing chance of ‘mega storm’ in California, scientists say” — California is no stranger to extreme weather. It typically comes in the form of severe drought and wildfires, but a new study suggests the Golden State should also be preparing for a mega storm it hasn’t seen the likes of since 1862. UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain joined Stephanie Sy to discuss how the potential storm could flood parts of the state with 30 days of continuous rain.

Wall Street Journal (6 Sep 2022)

“Natural-Disaster Warnings Are Improving With AI, GPS Tech” — With severe wildfires, hurricanes and other natural disasters becoming more commonplace, current technologies that alert people to impending danger sometimes fall short. WSJ reporter Jim Carlton joins host Zoe Thomas to discuss the flaws in current alert systems and the efforts to develop new tech to warn people of danger.

NBC News (4 Sep 2022)

“Georgia Hit With Severe Flooding After Heavy Rainfall” — Residents in Georgia were hit with severe flooding after heavy rain overnight. Roads, homes and businesses including the sheriff’s office were flooded. The area is under flood watch with more rain expected in the forecast.

Al Jazeera (30 Aug 2022)

“Sudan floods: Villages swept away during torrential rain” — Sudanese authorities say 99 people have been killed in the torrential rains and flash floods of the past few weeks. They have warned the country’s eastern rivers have reached dangerous levels and could burst their banks at any moment. Al Jazeera’s @Mohammed Vall reports from Khartoum, Sudan.

BBC News (30 Aug 2022)

“One third of Pakistan is under flood water, says minister” — One-third of Pakistan has been completely submerged by historic flooding which has killed at least 1,136 people since June, its climate minister says. Devastating flash floods have washed away roads, homes and crops – leaving a trail of deadly havoc across Pakistan.

PBS NewsHour (29 Aug 2022)

“Death toll in Pakistan passes 1,110 as monsoon floods reach historic levels” — Historic flooding in Pakistan has now killed 1,100 people and caused $10 billion in damage since mid-June. At least 33 million people have been impacted and one-third of the country is submerged. Sara Hayat, a lawyer specializing in climate change and adjunct professor at Lahore University of Management Sciences in Pakistan, joined Amna Nawaz to discuss the growing disaster.

Deutsche Welle (28 Aug 2022)

“Death toll from Pakistan floods tops 1,000 as rains continue” — Officials In Pakistan say flash floods across much of the country have killed over 1,000 people and displaced thousands more since mid-June. The newest fatalities are primarily being reported in the northwest and down in southern Sind Province. Weeks of unrelenting monsoon rains have affected more than 30 million people, and have wreaked havoc on vital infrastructure. A national emergency is in force and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is appealing to other countries for help.

NBC News (28 Aug 2022)

“Mississippi Mayor Urges Residents To ‘Get Out Now’ As State Braces For Flooding” — Mississippi’s governor issued a state of emergency to residents as they brace for more flood waters. The Pearl River is expected to crest at 35 and a half feet overnight near downtown Jackson. The flooding is adding to the water still on the ground in Mississippi after days of excessive rainfall. This comes as 10 million Americans across the upper Midwest are at risk for severe weather, and the National Hurricane Center tracks four different storms developing in the Atlantic.

ABC24 Memphis (27 Aug 2022)

“State of emergency declared in Mississippi due to flooding” — If predictions are correct the Pearl River will crest late Sunday or by Monday. Water could flow into people’s homes and businesses.

Fox 9 Minneapolis (27 Aug 2022)

“Minnesota State Fair flash flooding during thunderstorm” — Flash flooding at the Minnesota State Fair as heavy rain and thunderstorms move through. Videos from FOX 9 reporter Rob Olson on the Midway and near the Grandstand.

Insider News (26 Aug 2022)

“Over 20 Million Homeless After Record Floods Hit Pakistan” — Pakistan declared a state of emergency and appealed for international help after prolonged monsoon rains killed nearly a thousand people and left over 20 million homeless.

USA Today (26 Aug 2022)

“Mississippi flooding expected to continue amid record-breaking rains” — The Pearl River in Jackson may reach 36 feet on Tuesday making some streets impassible and sending water into homes. It could go even higher. Record-setting rainfall occurred in areas of Mississippi on Wednesday and much of that will be flowing in the Ross Barnett Reservoir soon.

ABC News (25 Aug 2022)

“Flood disaster strikes South” — A flood watch is in effect from eastern Texas to the western tip of the Florida panhandle as millions of people are still reeling from the damage from rain earlier this week.

PBS NewsHour (23 Aug 2022)

“Texas declares state of emergency amid severe flooding” — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott declared emergencies in more than 20 counties after extreme rain triggered flash floods. Monday’s deluge was part of a wave of severe weather across the Southwest. John Yang reports.

ABC News (22 Aug 2022)

“Dallas area hit with once-in-a-thousand-year flood” — A once-in-a-thousand-year rain event swamped the Dallas-Fort Worth area with more than 9 inches of rain, leading to severe flooding in some areas and hundreds of water rescues.

ABC News (21 Aug 2022)

“Flood alerts continue for millions of Americans” — More than 12 million people from Arizona to Louisiana were under flash flooding threats on Sunday morning.

NBC News (20 Aug 2022)

“18 Million Under Flood Alerts Nationwide” — Flash floods are turning roads into rivers across the southwest. Nearly 30 kids were rescued after their school bus got stranded in Tucson, Arizona. In Utah’s Zion National Park, a search and rescue mission is ongoing for one person still missing. Meanwhile in Texas, residents are bracing for a possible tropical storm.

Washington Post (12 Aug 2022)

“A ‘megaflood’ in California could drop 100 inches of rain, scientists warn” — A mention of California might usually conjure images of wildfires and droughts, but scientists say that the Golden State is also the site of extreme, once-a-century “megafloods” — and that climate change could amplify just how bad one gets. The idea seems inconceivable — a month-long storm that dumps 30 inches of rain in San Francisco and up to 100 inches of rain and/or melted snow in the mountains. But it has happened before — most recently in 1862 — and if history is any indicator, we’re overdue for another, according to research published Friday in Science Advances that seeks to shed light on the lurking hazard. [Source]

ABC News (1 Aug 2022)

“Death toll rises to 28 after historic Kentucky flooding” — The death toll in the devastating flooding that hit eastern Kentucky is continuing to rise as more rain threatens the region, according to officials.

GMA (31 Jul 2022)

“Death toll in Kentucky flooding rises to 25” — The search continues for those who are missing, as Kentucky braces for more rain.

Today (31 Jul 2022)

“Death Toll Rises In Kentucky Floods As Search Efforts Continue” — The flooding disaster in eastern Kentucky could get worse with more rain today. At least 25 deaths have been reported, with officials warning that number could continue to rise. NBC’s Jesse Kirsch reports for Sunday TODAY.

Deutsche Welle (16 Jul 2022)

“Floods, drought and the consequences of extreme weather” — Long periods of sunny weather; a few heavy rain showers. That’s all fine…or is it? With increasing frequency, summer days are turning into long periods of drought, while rainfall is causing catastrophic flooding. Whereas weather systems were relatively moderate and predictable in recent centuries, now they appear to have been thrown off balance. What’s heading our way – and what can we do to protect ourselves?

CBC News (5 Jul 2022)

“Australia flooding forces thousands to leave homes” — Australia’s east coast has been battered by heavy rain in recent weeks, with close to 50,000 people in the Sydney area forced to evacuate the area as of Tuesday due to flooding. It’s not the only region battling extreme weather, as dry weather sets off wildfires in Spain and heavy rains pelt southern China.

Today (15 Jun 2022)

“Yellowstone National Park Closed ‘Indefinitely’ Following Flooding” — Widespread flooding forced thousands to evacuate at Yellowstone National Park and officials say many access roads will not reopen this year. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY on the park’s start to its peak summer season.

ABC7 News (16 Jan 2022)

“Videos show flooding, damage after tsunami waves hit San Francisco Bay Area” — An undersea volcano erupted in near the Pacific nation of Tonga, sending tsunami waves crashing across the shore and people rushing to higher ground. More than 5,300 miles away, the Bay Area saw its impact.

Older News

Deutsche Welle (5 Oct 2021)

“Extreme weather, rising sea levels, devastating floods – The global climate crisis” — Extreme weather is occurring more frequently worldwide. Rising sea levels and heavy rain are causing devastating floods. Most researchers agree that these are the consequences of climate change. But what can we do to protect ourselves?

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blue and white wooden houses beside river under blue and white cloudy sky
Photo by Syed Qaarif Andrabi on Pexels.com

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