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Scaramucci Report 2024

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Anthony Scaramucci is best known as the Founder and Co-Managing Partner of SkyBridge Capital and Chairman of SALT (SkyBridge Alternatives Conference). [More]

This document provides some updated information about Scaramucci as well as older content for background and context.


Scaramucci has authored and co-authored many books, mostly on finance. [Amazon]

His latest book is “From Wall Street to the White House and Back” with pre-order available now with availability in Hardcover, Kindle, and Audiobook formats. [Amazon]

He served as White House Communications Director for a period of time and in 2018 released a book about that experience with reflections on how his upbringing shaped how he has been able to think creatively and live with resilience. [Amazon]


The featured photo above is of New York City. That visual conveys the image of business and finance that is a large part of Scaramucci’s identity.

While investing and business success are a central part of his message, his real worth to himself and others are the consistent values and priorities that he exemplifies.

His life seems to be a Master Class in how to best handle the successes and failures one experiences — in a way that helps a person grow and improve. These aspects of his character are visible in the content provided below.

Scaramucci is known for his sincerity, humility, transparency, and sense of humor. As a business person, he looks for the positive in people and situations.

As a business leader, he looks for ways to achieve positive outcomes from just about any circumstance. This can be in the form of financial profits that are reinvested, or a learning experience that is reinvested.

The humble and accepting way he handles disappointments and difficult situations seems healthy for himself and his relationships with others.

Because of his positive optimistic attitude and desire to help others, Scaramucci finds himself in challenging circumstances which offer an amplified view of his resilience and character.


The 2018 documentary “Mooch” provides a look at the context and background of Scaramucci’s approach to business and leadership. [YouTube | Google | Amazon ]


In April 2024, Anthony Scaramucci and Katty Kay launched “The Rest is Politics – US” as an embedded series of episodes posted Fridays for the long-running “The Rest is Politics” podcast. Below are Spotify links to some recent episodes. Also available on YouTube.

  • 17 May 2024 — “Why Trump won’t go to jail” and “I Visited Michael Cohen in Jail” — Episode 250 [Spotify | YouTube]
  • 9 May 2024 — “Robert F Kennedy Jr: Donald Trump’s Vice President?” — Episode 247 [Spotify | YouTube]
  • 2 May 2024 — “How to buy the White House” — Episode 244 [Spotify | YouTube]
  • 25 Apr 2024 — “From the White House To Courthouse: Trump On Trial” — Episode 241 [Spotify | YouTube]

Quote on Leadership

“I have a real problem with meanness. … We need people [leaders] that are inspiring, people that are aspirational. We need people who have a kindness in their personalities. … I have human frailty. I have weakness. I’ve made my share of mistakes. You guys wouldn’t even have enough time to list all my mistakes, but I’m also recognizing that you may have some frailty too. You guys have made some mistakes in your life. Maybe you haven’t, but I think it’s going to be hard to go your entire life without making them, and I think we should give ourselves a bit of a chance.” – Anthony Scaramucci speaking at Cambridge Union (Apr 2022)


The videos below provide recent news about Scaramucci. Older videos are provided for background and context. Additional content is available in posts on this website about Scaramucci. [View]

Fortune (17 May 2024)

“Trump Would Be An ‘Orange Wrecking Ball’ For Business, Says Anthony Scaramucci” — Ex-White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang were guests at the Fortune Future of Finance conference on Thursday. The subject of the 2024 election came up. When asked about the impact that a return of former President Donald Trump would have on the business landscape if he were reelected, Scaramucci was blunt: “terrible.” [Source]

Podcast (17 May 2024)

“I Visited Michael Cohen In Jail…” — What was it like to visit Michael Cohen behind bars? Why is it almost impossible for Trump to go to jail? How many good working hours does Joe Biden have a day? Join Anthony and Katty for episode 4 of TRIP US, as they answer all these questions and more. [Source]

Daily Blast Live (13 May 2024)

“Anthony Scaramucci Predicts Who Will Win The White House In 2024 And Insights On Working With Trump” — Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci shares his prediction on who is going to win the White House in 2024, and what his friend, Michael Cohen will say at Trump’s hush money trial. Scaramucci will also share details of his new book “From Wall Street to the White House and Back. The Scaramucci Guide to Unbreakable Resilience”. How his biggest failure was not the White House but actually getting fired from Goldman Sachs. Love him or hate him, there is nobody quite like “The Mooch”. From the world of finance to DC, his career is filled with successes and failures, now we learn how he has grown and is coming back stronger. [Source]

Podcast (10 May 2024)

“I Spoke To Trump’s Team…” — Could a member of the Kennedy clan team up with Donald Trump? What does a vice president actually do? How has a brain worm come into the media circus of the 2024 race for the White House? Join Katty Kay and Anthony Scaramucci as they answer all these questions and more on The Rest Is Politics: US. [Source]

CNN (10 May 2024)

“Scaramucci predicts what to expect from Michael Cohen testimony” — CNN’s Jake Tapper speaks with former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci ahead of Michael Cohen taking the stand at Trump’s hush money trial. [Source]

Podcast (3 May 2024)

“How To Buy The White House” — Is there too much money in US politics? Why do people donate to presidential campaigns? Who are the two women vying to be Mexico’s next president? Join Katty Kay and Anthony Scaramucci for this week’s episode of The Rest Is Politics: US as they answer all these questions and more. [Source]

Podcast (26 Apr 2024)

“Anthony Scaramucci & Katty Kay on Trump’s Hush Money Trial & Campus Protests Against War In Gaza” — Anthony Scaramucci (‘The Mooch’) recalls working for Senator Mitt Romney. He and journalist Katty Kay weigh in on Donald Trump’s ‘hush money’ trial involving Stormy Daniels. Donald Trump is also without his Wife, Melania, and his daughter, Ivanka in court. How might this be affecting his campaign efforts and overall morale? Protests against the Israel-Gaza conflict have materialised on multiple college campuses, with student groups setting up encampments and calling for boycotts, but are these campuses really as liberal as they might appear? Katty Kay and Anthony Scaramucci discuss this, and more, in the very first episode of The Rest Is Politics US. [Source]

Times Radio (15 Apr 2024)

“Trump will lose the election” — Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s short-lived White House press secretary argues that the former president will lose the election as a result of low campaign finances. [Source]

MSNBC (22 Mar 2024)

“Anthony Scaramucci: Trump will hurt anybody, anything in his way” — Former WH Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci joins Morning Joe to discuss the dangers of a second Trump term and why Trump is being rejected by his own former cabinet officials. [Source]

TalkTV (27 Feb 2024)

“Return Of Donald Trump Would Be A Disaster” — In a recent interview, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci shared his views on a range of topics, including the recent actions of President Biden, the potential return of Donald Trump to power, and the dangers of aligning with figures like Steve Bannon. Scaramucci expressed concern over the possibility of Trump returning to the White House, citing the potential disastrous impact on the country, the United Kingdom, and global alliances. [Source]

Politics Podcast (20 Feb 2024)

“Speaking Truth to Trump | Former Head of Trump’s Communications, Anthony Scaramucci” — Would a second Trump presidency be far more right wing? What drives the former US president? Is he trying to do a deal with Taylor Swift? In this week’s episode of Leading, Rory and Alastair are joined by Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former spin doctor, where he answers all these questions and more. [Source]

Bloomberg (31 Oct 2023)

“Anthony Scaramucci on SBF, SkyBridge Returns, Bitcoin” — Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner and founder at SkyBridge Capital, says, “we’re on a good run right now, the month of October has probably been the best month in SkyBridge’s history.” Scaramucci discusses the trial of FTX chief executive Sam Bankman-Fried, Bitcoin’s “spectacular month,” and his plans to buy back a 30% stake in SkyBridge acquired by FTX’s venture arm last September. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.” [Source]

NewsNation (7 Nov 2023)

“Anthony Scaramucci talks Trump, Biden, Sam Bankman-Fried” — The 2024 presidential election is only a year away, with current front runners President Joe Biden and Former President Donald Trump gearing up for a rematch. Both candidates face a number of problems as President Biden tackles the economy and poll numbers and Trump contends with multiple court cases and legal issues.
Anthony Scaramucci, SkyBridge Capital Founder and former White House Communications Director, joins Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani to break down the problems that both candidates face and how critical the upcoming election is for the economy and the future of American democracy. [Source]

NewsNation (14 Jun 2023)

“What turned Scaramucci from Trump supporter to critic?” — Anthony Scaramucci was once White House communications director under Donald Trump, but today, he is one of the former president’s biggest media critics. So, why did he turn? [Source]

NBC (4 Jun 2023)

“Trump is a ‘grifter’ and engages in ‘political sociopathic behavior,’ says Anthony Scaramucci” — Anthony Scaramucci, former Trump White House communications director and the co-founder of investment firm SkyBridge Capital, joins Meet the Press Reports and reflects on the lessons he learned from being burned by crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, comparing and contrasting the disgraced CEO with Trump. [Source]

NewsNation (10 Oct 2022)

“Scaramucci: MAGA fatigue exists within Republican Party” — The midterm elections are four weeks away, and the economy, abortion rights and crime rates continue to be at the center of votersminds. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says theres “MAGA fatigue” within the Republican Party, and that Donald Trump would lose in 2024 is he ran for president again. [Source]

Cambridge Union (24 Apr 2022)

“Anthony Scaramucci” — [Source]

PBS (22 Sep 2020)

“The Choice 2020: Anthony Scaramucci” — This was conducted by FRONTLINE’s Gabrielle Schonder on July 8, 2020. [Source]

PBS (13 Jan 2020)

“America’s Great Divide: Anthony Scaramucci Interview” — Anthony Scaramucci served briefly as the White House communications director for Donald Trump in 2017. He is a founder and managing partner at SkyBridge Capital. Scaramucci’s candid, full interview was conducted with FRONTLINE during the making of the two-part January 2020 documentary series “America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump.” [Source]

Skavlan (14 Oct 2019)

“Anthony Scaramucci Interview” — Anthony Scaramucci explains why he turned on Trump in this 2019 interview from New York. [Source]

60 Minutes Australia (1 Sep 2019)

“Anthony Scaramucci’s shocking assessment of Donald Trump” — Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci was unceremoniously fired from his job as White House Director of Communications after just eleven days. But now he’s on a mission to show the world who the real Donald Trump is. [Source]

HBO – VICE (10 May 2019)

“How The Mooch Got His MoJo Back” — Report about the 10th Annual Skybridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT. [Source]

Cuomo (4 Sep 2018)

“Anthony Scaramucci: Maybe Woodward’s book is all true. So, what?” — Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci reacts to Bob Woodward’s tell-all book about President Donald Trump and his administration. [Source]

CNN (1 Mar 2018)

“Anthony Scaramucci: Culture of fear inside White House” — Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci says there is a “culture of fear” inside the White House and predicts more staff departures. [Source]

Maher (2 Feb 2018)

“The Mooch” — Former White House Communications director Anthony Scaramucci joins Bill Maher and panelists David Frum and Donna Brazile to discuss the 2016 election and the president’s first year in office. [Source]

Colbert (15 Aug 2017)



CNN (23 Jul 2017)

“Anthony Scaramucci full ‘State of the Union’ in…” — New White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci talks to CNN’s Jake Tapper about the Trump presidency and the Russia investigation. [Source]

CBS New York (21 Jul 2017)

“Anthony Scaramucci Press Conference” — New White House communications director takes questions from reporters. [Source]

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com