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Apple iDVD Guide to Video Editing and Production

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Summary. The Apple iDVD program is one of the easiest and most effective programs available for producing high quality DVDs.

Best Theme to Use. Of all the themes available, the Reveal theme is perhaps one of the best because it allows for 10 chapters per sub-menu. Other themes accommodate 4 or 6 chapters per sub-menu and they automatically generate a video preview window of each chapter. This makes the Reveal theme best for projects that have many chapters. The Reveal theme was available in earlier versions of iMovie. When installing iMovie, it is a good idea to install all themes including the old ones. The Reveal theme is found in iDVD 4 (see Theme Locations below).

Theme Location. The project themes for iDVD are stored in the Library folder of your user area on the hard drive. Go to Hard Drive > Users > Your User Folder > Library > Application Support > iDVD > Installed Themes. If all themes are installed, there may be six folders (iDVD 1, iDVD 2, and so on). It might be possible to copy a favorite theme from one computer for use on another computer.

Support. There are a variety of support resources available for iDVD.

By Greg Johnson

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