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Spicy Mushroom – Recipe

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Summary. This recipe is for spicy mushrooms cooked in a skillet.

Ingredients. The following ingredients are used. The specific brands used and size of container are listed. Substitutes for similar products can easily be made. If available, purchase these ingredients as organics locally. If not available locally, they are available in our online store. The complex blend of herbs creates a musical orchestra of flavor rather than a quartet of flavor.

Preparation. Heat up a medium or large skillet and melt some butter or Smart Balance Spread in the pan. Smart Balance Spread is made from nutritious olive and/or vegetable oils. Add three or four small cans of mushrooms to the pan. Alternatively, fresh mushrooms can be used. Mix in the above seasonings and ingredients to flavor. Simmer until the mushrooms are cooked and the flavor of the seasonings are absorbed into the mushrooms.

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By Greg Johnson

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