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The Quarrel – Film Review – Judaism and the Meaning of Life

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Summary. The Quarrel is an excellent presentation of the tension between the secular world and the religious world. Although the setting and context of this film is against the backdrop of Orthodox Judaism, the themes exist with other religions.

Selected Reviews. Here are a few selected reviews for the film.

“There is no question that THE QUARREL is the most powerful, cinematically effective, intellectually exciting and personally moving portrayal on the screen of the conflict within the modern soul between tradition and change. I cannot recall a movie that was at once so wrenching and touching in the viewing yet left me feeling so alive and inspired afterward.”
~ Rabbi Irving Greenberg, CLAL

“… bursting with provocative ideas and complex emotions… THE QUARREL is very likely the best fiction film on a Jewish theme in the postwar era. ” ~ Stanley Feingold, Congress Monthly

“One of the Years Most challenging, intelligent & provocative films that touches the soul and the heart.”
~ Michael Medved, Sneak Previews

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