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Adonaikido – Adaptation of World Religions

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From Many Religions – A Harvest of Many Fruits. Adonaikido embraces the beneficial teachings and practices of various world religions as described below.

  • With regard to using diplomacy and conflict resolution rather than war to resolve differences. In this, to be a Quaker.
  • With regard to environmental stewardship and sustainability, to live in harmony and sustainability with the environment. In this, to be a Native American.
  • With regard to dying to self, to be a Christian.
  • With regard to enlightenment and not eating cows, to be an observant Hindu.
  • With regard to the Sabbath and Torah, to be an observant Jew.
  • With regard to respecting other people’s beliefs, to be a Unitarian Universalist.
  • With regard to charity, fasting, and regularity of prayer, and abstaining from alcohol, to be a Muslim.
  • With regard to mindfulness, to be a Buddhist.
  • With regard to a hopeful future for planet earth, to be New Age.
  • With regard to simplicity of dress and off-the-grid living, to be Amish.
  • With regard to love of the natural world, to be a Pagan.
  • With regard to existence, to be a Mystic.
  • With regard to balance, a follower Tai Chi.
  • With regard to breathing, a student of Yoga.
  • With regard to not harming any being, a practitioner of Jainism.
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By Greg Johnson

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