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Texas Brine Salt Caverns Leave Sinkhole that Swallows Trees in Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou of Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Summary. In the aftermath of a Texas Brine mining operation, residents of Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou are concerned about a massive expanding sinkhole that is swallowing up entire trees. Here are two videos about this story.

CNN Video

Truth Loader Video

Controversy. It’s common in industry not to compensate anyone for negative outcomes that may occur during or after production. Except where required by law, companies typically attempt to reduce their expenditures relating to minimizing the negative impact of production on the environment or local communities. In particular, the safe and effective cleanup and closure of a mining operation can be very expensive. These expenses cut into investor and stockholder profits, so they are considered as undesirable. Usually the companies, and more specifically the profiteers that run them, walk away with huge earnings because they have avoided the costs associated with cleanup and reduction of environmental impact. Companies can be sued into oblivion, but their owners can walk away with their earnings protected. These circumstances are generally viewed as intolerable by local residents, environmentalists, and in some cases workers if their personal health or welfare has been negatively impacted.

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