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The Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ Project Video Campaign


Whirlpool has launched an inspiring video campaign called the Every Day, Care Project. Videos from the campaign are below.

The Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ Project

Laundry, cooking and cleaning are often dismissed as nothing more than chores. But the fact is, all of these “chores” have the power to make a profoundly positive impact on the people we love and the world we live in.

The Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ Anthem

The Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ Anthem [Abbreviated]


The small acts of care we provide our families every day may seem insignificant and often feel like a chore. But at their core, every act of care we give helps the people we love become people who love – and that helps make our world a better place. It’s time we acknowledge the value of caring for the ones we love.

Share with a loved one or caregiver in your life. #EveryDayCare

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By Greg Johnson

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