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Global Computer Shortage – Staples Laptop Buying Guide

This document provides some suggestions for buying a laptop computer from Staples at a time when there is a limited global supply of computers stemming from a shortage in chips and also the increased demand due to the continued work-from-home conditions. Why Staples? Purchasing from smaller local retailers like Staples can be more convenient and… Continue reading Global Computer Shortage – Staples Laptop Buying Guide

Laptop Computer Buying Guide (Podcast #43)

In Episode #43, I review considerations for purchasing a laptop computer. In this buying guide, I offer some suggestions based on different needs. (17 Sep 2020) Listen using your favorite podcast service. Anchor [Listen] Apple [Listen] Google [Listen] Spotify [Listen] Listen Using the Anchor Player Below Listen Using Our Website Player You can also download the show. Tap (or… Continue reading Laptop Computer Buying Guide (Podcast #43)