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Telecommunications Telephony Online Services

Do you need access to your phone system from anywhere? There are a number of online telephony services that let you listen to your phone messages on a website and perform other advanced telephone functions. Angel.com – an Internet accessible voicemail headquarters for toll-free numbers and management of other inbound phone calls and faxes Jaxtr.… Continue reading Telecommunications Telephony Online Services

Word Processors – Free Online

Need access to programs while traveling? There are a variety of online word processors to choose from. Here is a quick list: Buzzword Google Documents iNet Word ThinkFree

Hindi Resources for Online Learning and Study

Effective Living > Language Learning Translation Study. Google Translate now offers phonetic capabilities when converting from Hindi to English. Devanagari Script Fonts. The Hindi language is written in Devanagari script. Here are some resources for working with the Devanagari script. http://www.wazu.jp/gallery/Fonts_Devanagari.html http://www.kiranfont.com Resources for Life – Hindi and South Asian Languages Resource Page General Resources.… Continue reading Hindi Resources for Online Learning and Study