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Benefits of Greenbelts

[GoIowa | Greenbelts]

Since the late 1930s cities in the United States and around the world have successfully preserved large amounts of land by creating greenbelts. Greenbelts provide protection from erosion, development, protect natural resources and preserve open space for parks, recreational and agricultural uses. Greenbelt efforts have increased the quality of life and the natural environment in these communities by decreasing the pollution and land degradation that comes from urban sprawl.

“Building up instead of out” improves quality of life while reducing costs. Commuting time is reduced as homes are closer to work. There is more life — as well as business — in town. And cities and utilities can use water, gas, electric, sewer, road and other infrastructure that is already in place rather than extensive and expensive extensions to distant low population density areas.

Whether on the near or far side of the greenbelt, housing values increase as a result of the surroundings.