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Welcome to the Sustainable Living Resource Group at Resources for Life.


Our desire is to help foster and facilitate the development, research, and implementation of sustainable living for individuals and communities world-wide.


As Seen On TV!

Resources for Life Director Greg Johnson was featured on CBS affiliate KCCI Channel 8 in Des Moines Iowa in a story about his small house. Click here to watch the video now. (20060521su1531)

Gregory has also been featured on National Public Radio's All Things Considered and written about in newspapers such as the New York Times. Click here for more about Greg in the media.

Sustainable Living: Hope for a Better (and Smaller) Future

When it comes to planning and developing sustainable solutions for living, there are many views, philosophies, and perspectives on implementation. The vision we hope to explore and expand upon is one of interrelated self-sustaining communities that support one another but operate independently. These diverse cooperative communities are able to establish their own unique approaches to living while benefiting from the value of collective efforts. We believe that one of the key factors to successful sustainable living is the use of smaller homes, such as those designed by Tumbleweed Houses. Smaller homes use less resources to build, have a lower cost of ownership over time for repairs and utilities, they use less land, and they foster simple living. We would like to help develop sustainable communities using these little homes. For more information, please see the section on our feedback form under Sustainable Living Communities. [click here for the feedback form]

About Sustainable Living

To learn more about sustainable living, please visit our About Sustainable Living page. [click here]


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