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Resources for Sustainable Living

The art and science of Sustainable Living continues to be studied at the micro and macro level around the world. Because of the serious challenges that face the world today, many governments, organizations, and individuals are searching for ways to create sustainable solutions for living.

Organizations for Sustainable Living

  • Community Solution - "We envision a country where the population is distributed in small communities that are sustainable, diverse and culturally sophisticated."

Homes for Sustainable Living

Small homes are the latest development in sustainable housing. One of the advantages of small homes is that they can be easily moved from one community to another to offer more diversity and variety in surroundings. In this way, your housing investment travels with you. For example, you might live in a college oriented sustainable community and then after graduating, decide to transition to young professionals community or family oriented community. For more information on little homes, visit Tumbleweed Houses at:

The Small House Society

Small dwellings are big news these days and that's why Resources for Life is grateful to contribute website hosting and management for The Small House Society. (20021011fr) Click here for more information.

Products for Sustainable Living

Here are some suppliers of products for sustainable living:

Real Goods. "Products for an ecologically sustainable future."


EcoPlanet. "protect, nurture, balance, educate, cultivate, design, imagine..."

Over 800,000 Links for Sustainable Living!

A search of Google on sustainable living results in over 800,000 links to information on the subject! To view these links now, click Here.

Activism for Sustainable Living

Implied in the philosophy of sustainable living is a lifestyle of social activism that helps change the planet and our world for the better. The Activist Resource Group is dedicated to this journey. For more information, click here.

Simple Living

Part of creating a more sustainable future is to explore ways that we can live more simply. The Simple Living Resource Group is dedicated to this pursuit. For more information, click here.

Sustainable Communities

Our feedback form includes more information and considerations regarding the development of sustainable communities. Click here to view our feedback form.

Local Efforts

People in local communities are pooling their resources to establish solutions for sustainable living. The Smart Communities Network [click here] is a U.S. Department of Energy effort to help foster local efforts. Here are a few communities were sustainability is being pursued:

Iowa City. A loosely affiliated group of people in the Iowa City area are working toward more sustainable living through promoting trails for bike riding and more pedestrian friendly urban development. There is a local grocery store co-op [click here] that promotes organic foods. Many people have expressed an interest in eventually purchasing land as a location for a sustainable community of little homes [click here] within biking distance from Iowa City. For more information, write to

And More...

Okay, that's where we need your help! We're waiting for you to send us more links and ideas for this site. Please send us an e-mail by writing to or fill out the feedback form [click here] to send us your ideas for how to improve this site. Thanks!


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