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History. The Technology Services Resource Group was founded by Greg Johnson in the early 1980s as Public Interest Computer Consulting. In the early 1990s, the name was changed to PC-DOC. By the year 2001, the name was changed to Technology Services Resource Group in an effort to convey the broad range of support available. Today our primary presence online is found at IowaCity TechnologyServices.com.

Cooperation. The Technology Services Resource Group is founded upon a principle of cooperation rather than competition. Greg Johnson, the Director, explains:

One day, I received a phone call that changed my life – at least in the area of computer consulting. The call was from one of my competitors – the owner of a computer store and support center who offered the same sales and services as I was offering. He called to ask if I could go help some of his employees at a job site.

He knew that I had a special tool they needed to get the job done. I was in the middle a consultation with a client of my own – a bank. Leaving my job site would mean lost income for me. Yet, for some reason, I felt prompted to respond to his request. I was honored that he would trust me with one of his clients. So, I agreed to help him and I immediately told my client that I needed to go and that I would stop back later in the day.

Once at my competitor’s job site, I realized the office where we were was a central hub to hundreds of non-profit organizations. They had some critical systems in need of service. At that moment I realized that something was profoundly wrong with the competitive business model I’d been educated to believe and follow. According to my own business training at a major U.S. university, I shouldn’t have helped this competitor. My response to his call was an anomaly. Yet, by breaking away from the norm, we were able to help his client that day. Had I behaved in a manner consistent with my business training, that non-profit group of organizations would have been hindered in accomplishing their critical work.

From that point on, I determined to think, live, and work differently with regard to business. I determined to work cooperatively with others in my field of work for the benefit of those people who depend on us for service. I decided not to charge my competitor for my time that day.

The Technology Services Resource Group began in the early 1980s as Public Interest Computer Consulting (PICC). Later the name was changed to PC DOC. Today, it continues to be influenced by the roots and heritage that the organization was founded upon: Connecting technology and people to serve the public interest in a way that makes the world a better place for everyone.


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