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Security Policies

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Summary. We research and implement best practices regarding website security and stability. In addition to preventative measures, our site is scanned and monitored regularly by multiple redundant internal and external automated systems for any unauthorized content changes that may indicate the presence of malware on our site.

SSL Site Security. Our site is SSL protected. We don’t take credit card information or other sensitive information on our site. However, we recognize that some people would like their Internet browsing and content to be private. Also, having a secure encrypted verified connection with our site helps prevent ‘man in the middle attacks’ where stealth site redirection might mimic a website and serve up malicious code.

Site Scanning. We scan our site manually multiple times a day and sometimes conduct non-stop visual code assessment monitoring to detect and observe malicious activity. This provides for more effective digital forensics and site hardening.

Security Response. If any malware is discovered, the site is taken down immediately and restored to the most recent clean backup to reduce or eliminate the possibility harm to our site visitors.

Security Tools. For your own assurance, you can test our site with the same tools we use to monitor its safety:

Additional Tools. AVG AntiVirus software for Windows will evaluate sites before you visit them and warn you of sites known to contain malicious code. Other antivirus software programs perform this function as well.

Privacy. For your privacy and security, we do not collect or store personal or financial information on our site. Instead we rely on trusted third-party service providers like Amazon and PayPal.

Further Reading. Below you will find information for further reading about online security.