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Bevel – The Shave Cream That Keeps Going

20160125mo1431-greg-johnson-tiny-small-house-mobile-hermitage-photo-by-makur-jain-IMG_6318In September 2015, I began using the Bevel shaving system. I’d received their starter kit with shaver, brush, oil, shave cream, and aftershave lotion, and extra blades.

Because I’d signed up for the monthly subscription, I presumed the supplies I’d received were to be used up in 30 days. As I began using their products, I realized they were super concentrated. I didn’t want to be washing excess shave cream down the drain, so I started using smaller and smaller amounts.

Eventually I contacted their customer service department, and they told me the kit is a 90-day supply of their products. I was curious to see if such small containers of product could last for several months.

My automatic supplies replenishment kit arrived at the end of three months.

Today, it’s been over 4 months and amazingly I’m still using up the original product I received on September 22.

The tube of shave cream seemed to have run out about a week ago, but when I tapped the tube on the sink, more would come out. Because it’s a cream product, it’s very light. So, I’ve been sorting the tube on its cap to get the last little bit out of the tube.

I’m looking forward to seeing how long I can use each product before they run out. The others seem like they have many weeks left of use.

I shave under my beard, and probably use a bit less product than most people, but the shave cream once lathered up seems like it could cover a lot of surface area way beyond my needs. So, I’m guessing others could get similar results if lathering up properly. What I do is wet the brush with hot water, then I remove most of the water from the brush so the lather gets super thick. Then I apply. This results in just a little bit of the shave cream going a long way.

I’m curious to know the experience others are having with Bevel. Let me know if you have a Bevel story to share.

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Note: This isn’t a paid advertisement. However, in the spirit of fully disclosure, I want to say that for any person who signs up using my referral link, I’ll get the equivalent of one month free. Not that it would sway my views, but bloggers are obligated to share such things. For more details, read my original story about the Bevel shaving system.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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