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Toyota #GoPriusGo Ad Campaign Features Chase Pursuit with Police

Companies usually try to avoid controversial brand theme pairing. For example, controversial or illegal activities are usually off limits for any advertisement. In their #GoPriusGo 2016 ad campaign, Toyota features their Prius Hybrid car being used by some bank robbers to evade police in an ongoing car chase which is to demonstrate the efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

The ad campaign that broke from tradition proved to be somewhat popular. However, Toyota seems to have removed all mention of the ad campaign from their YouTube channel. It may be that in retrospect, they felt they didn’t want their brand tied to criminal activity and a subtle pro-criminal anti-law enforcement message. Although obviously created as an engaging action drama, there could be a negative connotation.

The videos below were copied and posted by other YouTube accounts. You’ll notice some repetition in these three versions.





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By Greg Johnson

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