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Marilyn Farms of Kalona Iowa

UPDATE: 21 Sep 2023

It seems that Marilyn Farms is no longer operating, at least not as a public presence. This page was originally created as part of a broader effort to promote awareness of local Iowa farming. The original page content is below.

The website for the farm no longer exists, but you can view the history of that website on the Internet Archive. The last days of the website seem to have been in 2018. [View]

In the introductory video from Nov 2014, the farm manager at the time explains that the farm was originally established by Gary and Marilyn Hargrave. Some limited Google searches suggest that Marilyn Hargrave has passed away, but Gary is still alive and active in ministry. [Google Search]

The 2018 timing of the farm website closure seems to coincide with the dissolving of other enterprises at the time that Gary was involved in. [Source]

NOTE: The presence of this page and information provided are not intended to be construed as an endorsement. This page is simply informational. We have no connection with Gary Hargrave.

Original Page Content


Local organic farming is good for the environment, helps create jobs, builds community, fosters local economy, and promotes a culture of eating delicious nutritious fresh foods. This is why we promote, support, and buy from local organic farms in our area — like Marilyn Farms.

Marilyn Farms of Kalona Iowa is a family run farm, market, and cafe. Below are videos about Marilyn Farms, and you can learn more by visiting the MarilynFarms.com website.

Marilyn Farms Update w/ Zach McFerrin (7 Nov 2017)

Marilyn Farms Essential Multi Packs (15 Sep 2017)

Marilyn Farms Cafe and Market w/ Samantha Johnson (20 Jun 2017)

2016 Labor Day Celebration at Marilyn Farms (29 Aug 2016)

Marilyn Farms Presents: Isabel’s Fun Facts (10 May 2016)

Marilyn Farms 2016 Update w/ Phil & Marjorie Forbes (4 May 2016)

Marilyn Farms Product Update with Marjorie Forbes (14 Nov 2015)

An Introduction to Marilyn Farms with Phil Forbes (4 Nov 2014)

Document History

This page was first created on 7 May 2018. It was revised on 21 Sep 2023 to reflect the closure of the farm and the page formatting was updated to the WordPress Block Layout.

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