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Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans: Medicinal-Grade Cure for Cancer, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, headaches, depression, and cavities


Ask your doctor if Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans might be right for you.

endangered species dark chocolate with espresso beans

Summary. Endangered Species has unveiled Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans.

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Coffee. Members of the world-wide medical community have not been timid about declaring the health impact of dark chocolate and coffee, and they are calling this combination of ingredients nothing short of a cure for cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, headaches, depression, and cavities.

Dark chocolate … lowers high blood pressure, say Dirk Taubert, MD, PhD, and colleagues at the University of Cologne, Germany. Their report appears in the Aug. 27 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. [source]

Want a drug that could lower your risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and colon cancer? That could lift your mood and treat headaches? That could lower your risk of cavities? If it sounds too good to be true, think again. Coffee, the much maligned but undoubtedly beloved beverage, just made headlines for possibly cutting the risk of the latest disease epidemic, type 2 diabetes. [source]

“Our study demonstrated impressive enhancement of endothelial function following the acute consumption of dark chocolate and cocoa,” said David L. Katz, MD, MPH, principal investigator of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center study and director of the Prevention Research Center. “The results are exciting because they show that dark chocolate, a highly-popular treat long associated with pleasure, has health promoting properties as well.” [source]

Health Benefits – Summary. This is a deliciously potent over-the-counter food product that combines dark chocolate infused with espresso beans. Unlike costly pharmaceuticals, this product costs around 50 cents per dosage.

Side Effects and Disclaimer. Ask your doctor if Endangered Species dark chocolate with espresso beans might be right for you. Side effects may include lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of diabetes, reduced instances of headaches, and elevated mood. Contact your physician if you experience happiness, positive attitude, better health, and overall wellness.

Safe Harbor Statement. Actual results may differ materially from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

Powerful Enough to Fuel a Formula 3 Race Car. Race cars are now being powered by chocolate, such as the WorldFirstRacing.com race car [ iTunes Video | YouTube Video | Business Week | MSNBC ], can reach speeds of over 125 miles per hour. You’ll feel like a Formula 3 race car when you start eating dark chocolate.

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By Greg Johnson

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