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Salmon Sisters – Alaskan Wildlife Habitat Ambassadors and Preservationists

Salmon Sisters is part business and part inspiring social-movement meets habitat preservation. It’s an initiative started by Emma Teal Laukitis and Claire Neaton, two sisters from the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. From the Salmon Sisters website:

Emma Teal and Claire grew up on a homestead called Stonewall Place on the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. They have worked on their family’s commercial fishing boat in the Bering Sea since they were young. Born from summers fishing with their family, Teal and Claire developed an appreciation for their unique upbringing and for the sustainable fisheries that became central to many of their opportunities.

Teal studied art and English at Williams College and is currently finishing a master’s degree in design at the University of Washington, and Claire studied business and nutrition at the University of Vermont. The sisters have created a dynamic partnership, and with it work to creatively advance awareness of the role of wild sustainable seafood in our food chain. Every design Salmon Sisters makes is inspired by the sisters’ deep love for the ocean, their reverence for the fish that have fed and supported their family, and a hope that they can spread awareness for the future of sustainable fisheries.

Salmon Sisters is currently based out of Homer, Alaska. Claire and Teal split their year between fishing for salmon in Prince William Sound and for halibut in the Aleutians, and spending the winters running Salmon Sisters.


“The Heart of Trade” was produced with help from the Danish company Maersk.

“Salmon Sisters Story” shares the background of Salmon Sisters with some history about Claire and Teal growing up in Alaska.

The Salmon Project video shares about Salmon Sisters and the goals of thee Salmon Project.

Here is an ad for the Microsoft Surface Go featuring Claire and Teal. Presumably the ad is the result of people at Microsoft being inspired by their work, and offering an ad opportunity as a way to support them and help promote awareness about Salmon Sisters.

Learn More

To learn more about Salmon Sisters, visit their website AKSalmonSisters.com.

We Are Bristol Bay is an initiative supported by local small-scale fishing businesses and enthusiasts. These stories help share the work and life of those in the fishing business, and inform the public near and far about the importance of the habitat and ecosystem in the area that sustain fishing year after year. From the We Are Bristol Bay website:

We Are Bristol Bay is a collection of stories about a remote and wild region in Southwest Alaska. These stories are written by those who call Bristol Bay home, who work there during the salmon season, who travel there to hunt and fish, who subsist on its natural abundance, and who have explored its remote and rugged landscape.

The content generated from this project is available to efforts working to protect Bristol Bay and its way of life. Its purpose is to celebrate the things worth protecting there, and to give people a tangible and impactful way to contribute to its protection.

Proceeds from We Are Bristol Bay products will be donated to the Alaska Wild Salmon Fund, which invests in leaders addressing the most urgent threats facing wild salmon in Alaska – currently, Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine.

An example of the content found on the We Are Bristol Bay is this video about Wild for Salmon founded by Steve and Jenn Kurian.

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