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Why College Athletes Don’t Get Paid

College sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry, but the NCAA’s regulations prohibit amateur athletes from profiting off their abilities to go pro. But a new lawsuit could completely uped the NCAA and the college athletic business model. VICE News’ Gianna Toboni meets several athletes and coaches living the pay-for-play saga. (VICE News, 29 Dec 2019)

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California’s Game-Changing Plan to Get Student Athletes Paid. College sports is a multibillion-dollar industry, but its arguably greatest assets, the players themselves, are prohibited from getting anything more than a scholarship for their efforts. A California State Senator is looking to change that. (VICE News, 4 Sep 2019)

Gianna Toboni spent NFL Draft weekend with Peyton Barber for the VICE on HBO documentary “End of Amateurism.” See the extended version of Peyton Barber’s story. (VICE News, 2 Apr 2017)

By Greg Johnson

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