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Michael Bloomberg – Reference Page

On 24 Nov 2019, Michael Bloomberg entered the 2020 presidential race. This page offers some quick resources to learn more. For other candidates, visit ResourcesForLife.com/politics

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  • EDUCATION – “I’m interested in public education. I think the education system is going in the wrong direction, and if you want to help people a better education is what they need. The spoils are going to go to the people that are better educated, and we’re doing a terrible job particularly among poor people who are not getting the education they need to work themselves out of poverty. They are in this cycle. Their families were poor… Their grandparents family…. go back. We’ve got to get them out of that cycle. Education is they key, and our school systems are getting worse not better. We’ve got to find programs where people can get jobs. We’ve got to create jobs in a world where artificial intelligence and other technologies are destroying jobs. But there are opportunities to do it. There are a number of ways you can encourage people to move to a better job or become more productive, and we [also] have policies that restrict you from doing that or discourage you from doing that.” – Source: Face the Nation, YouTube 22 Apr 2018. At 12m 2s into the video. [View]


  • New Yorker, by Lizzie Widdicombe, 5 Feb 2020. “Does the Bloomberg Superfan Exist?” Excerpt: “Given the size and scope of the Bloomberg operation—it pays roughly twice the going rate of the other Presidential campaigns, and will soon employ more than two thousand staffers—it can be difficult to distinguish regular Bloomberg supporters from current, former, and hopeful employees.” [More…]
  • TPM, by Josh Marshall 5 Feb 2020 at 1:01 PM CT. “We Need to Pay Attention to Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign” Excerpt: “To be clear, I don’t think Mike Bloomberg will be the nominee. I think there’s a solid chance Joe Biden will be the nominee. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren could be the nominee. But this all seems like a much more possible outcome than I thought was remotely conceivable even a week or so ago.” [More…]
  • CNN, by Dan Merica, Cristina Alesci and Jake Tapper, 24 Nov 2019 at 12:20 PM CT. “Michael Bloomberg is the latest 2020 Democratic hopeful.” Excerpt: “Michael Bloomberg officially announced his late-entry Democratic presidential bid on Sunday, unveiling a campaign that the former New York mayor said will be squarely aimed at defeating President Donald Trump. Bloomberg, in a letter explaining his candidacy on his campaign website, lays out a more moderate vision for the country and casts himself as “a doer and a problem solver — not a talker.” [More…]



PBS News Hour Interview (27 Feb 2020)

Full interview with 2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg.

Rally – Salt Lake City, Utah (20 Feb 2020)

Mike joins supporters in Salt Lake City, Utah to share his plan to defeat Donald Trump, support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and get our country back on track. Video queued to 13m 18s.

Rally – Houston, TX (13 Feb 2020)

Mike returns to Texas to speak with a rally of supporters. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who endorsed Mike for president earlier this morning, will join the event. Below is a tweet that summarizes the event.

Rally – Norfolk, VA (7 Feb 2020)

At our campaign event in Norfolk, Virgina, military leaders endorse Mike Bloomberg citing his steady leadership, strong plans for veterans and integrity. Mike also announces plans to ensure the economic security of vets and military families , as well as address gaps in mental health services for veterans.

Rally – Philadelphia, PA (4 Feb 2020)

Watch Mike Bloomberg and former Philadelphia Mayor and our National Political Chair Michael Nutter in Philly for a campaign rally. Mike will share with voters why he is the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November and unite the country.

Health Care (19 Dec 2019)

Health care in the United States costs too much. It leaves too many people uninsured; eats into workers’ wages, public budgets, and employers’ bottom lines; and puts vulnerable families one medical emergency away from financial ruin. Health care costs are also the top financial concern for American families.

Campaign Video (30 Jan 2020)

Stephen Colbert (13 Jan 2020)

Michael Bloomberg’s Presidential Campaign Only Has One Donor: Himself. Mayor Bloomberg talks about why he apologized for his controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy before he started his presidential campaign.

Mayor Bloomberg Explains Why He Apologized For His ‘Stop And Frisk’ Policing Policy. Mayor Bloomberg talks about why he apologized for his controversial ‘stop and frisk’ policy before he started his presidential campaign.

Face the Nation (22 Apr 2018)

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