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Mitt Romney Comments Regarding the Impeachment Proceedings (5 Feb 2020)

Stating that he is bound by an oath to God to uphold the U.S. Constitution, Mitt Romney explains he will vote to convict the President. (Source: VICE News, YouTube, 5 Feb 2020 at ~ 1:30 PM CT)

The following video is an interview with Mitt Romney on Fox News with Chris Wallace at about 11:30 AM ET.

Responses and News

Below are some responses and news from Twitter to Mitt Romney’s announcement.

Stephen Colbert Comments About Romney (5 Feb 2020)

Video queued to 6m 7s.

Blumenthal on Mitt Romney speech: There were tears in my eyes (CNN, 5 Feb 2020)

As of 5:46 CT on 5 Feb 2020, polished attack videos have been produced and are being disseminated to discredit Mitt Romney.


As of 5 Feb 2020, some areas of Mitt Romney’s United States Senate web page are no longer available.

By Greg Johnson

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