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Qwest MSN Technical Support Problems


Summary. Residential internet customers of Qwest typically use MSN as their email service provider. Qwest has the domain q.com for their clients. So, if you’re a Qwest customer, your email address will end in @q.com as the extension. However, the web interface for accessing your email will be the same as MSN or Hotmail.

Customers wanting technical support for their email will be inclined to contact MSN. However, since the email service is provided by an MSN reseller (Qwest), the front-lines support must be provided by Qwest. This can be frustrating when the customer gets shuttled between Qwest and MSN.

Commentary. Below, Gregory Johnson explains this problem in more detail.

“Here’s an example… Two people are using Microsoft Windows. One person purchased it from the store, the other person had it on their computer when it was purchased. They both call Microsoft for technical support. They are asked, “Did you buy it or was it already on your computer?” The person who bought the software gets help from Microsoft. The person who had it already on their computer is told to call the computer manufacturer. The reason is because the computer manufacturer is like a reseller of Microsoft Windows. They made a profit when selling it, and they are expected (in exchange for the profit) to provide support.

Now for the case of Qwest and MSN…. Qwest is a telephone company. They say that they offer Internet service and television as well. However, when you ask for television service from Qwest, you discover they are just a reseller for Dish Network or some such thing. So, Qwest doesn’t really offer television, they just resell it. If you get Dish Network through Qwest, however, you’ll be out of luck when trying to get service because when you call Dish Network you’ll be told that you aren’t a Dish Network customer, but instead you are a Qwest customer. When you call Qwest, they are expected to help you. However, most times it’s the case that the Qwest people can’t help you because they don’t know about television. So, they (and only they are authorized to do so) can then escalate your call and forward it through to Dish Network.

The same is true with MSN. Qwest can get wires to your house, and get you on the Internet, but they don’t offer email service. They’ve paid for a branded solution from MSN. Meaning you’re getting MSN with the Qwest naming/logo as well. Again, MSN will tell you that they aren’t getting any money directly from you and for that reason won’t help you. You must call Qwest because they are the people you are paying for the service. However, Qwest doesn’t really know anything about MSN or email, they just want to sell it to you and take your money but not support it.

Even on the best of days, MSN and it’s variations (free Hotmail and q.com email) have problems. As a technology support person, I spend considerable time trying to help people who use these services. The problems are endless. This is why I tell everyone to simply switch to GMail.” ~ Gregory Johnson

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com