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World Wedding Traditions 2022

wedding couple taking a traditional ceremony
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com


This page provides a sampling of wedding videos from different cultures around the world. They are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top. A description and date is provided for each video.

Note that wedding videographers may not approve their videos for embedding on websites. So, they must be viewed directly on YouTube.

Jewish Wedding (8 Dec 2022)

“Hadas&Daniel Highlights הדס ודניאל קליפ החתונה” — Only available for viewing on YouTube. [Watch on YouTube]

Jewish Wedding (30 Nov 2022)

“Harut and Aviad the wedding clip” — Only available for viewing on YouTube. [Watch on YouTube]

Jewish Wedding (26 Nov 2022)

“Hassidic wedding” — Nachman and Hani’s wedding clip Photography by Haim Shapira. Description translated from the original Hebrew. [Watch on YouTube]

Pakistani Wedding (25 Nov 2022)

“Ali & Aleena Pakistani Mehndi Highlight” — More information on YouTube. [Watch on YouTube]

Pakistani Wedding (23 Nov 2022)

“Pakistani Wedding The Grand Dewsbury (Barath Day)” — More information on YouTube. [Source]

Pakistani Wedding (11 Nov 2022)

“Zeewarad & Osama Wedding & Nikah Highlights” — More information on YouTube. [Source]

Ghanaian Traditional Wedding (5 Nov 2022)

Available for viewing on YouTube. [Watch on YouTube]

Chinese Wedding (13 May 2022)

“Marie & Vic: A Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony” — A colorfully spectacular, spectacularly colorful (you pick) traditional Chinese ceremony held in General Santos City. [Source]

Lebanese Wedding (13 Jan 2021)


Lebanese Wedding (28 Aug 2019)


Spanish Wedding (16 Nov 2018)

“Typical Spanish Wedding” — More information on YouTube. [Source]

Mongolian Traditional Wedding (31 Aug 2017)

“Mongolian Traditional Wedding” — Although the time has changed and Mongolia has been transferring to globalization, Mongolians keep their traditional wedding ceremony. One of the things that you must see is Mongolian traditional wedding ceremony. Thank you for Ideree’s family! [Source]

Buddhist Wedding (18 Dec 2013)

“Buddhist wedding ceremony in Vietnam” — The wedding ceremony being held at the pagoda where the Buddhist rituals have been demonstrated is called “Hang Thuan Festival” (Lễ Hằng Thuận in Vietnamese). “Hang” defines as eternity, “Thuan” means unity. If a married couple wants an eternal unity, they should learn how to respect one another. If Buddhist devotees want a peaceful environment where can be viewed as home, there is no place better than the pagoda, where the love and warmth of other fellow believers are always present. A wedding ceremony being performed in the pagoda will help to build the couple’s spiritual life in their future married life. The couple’s family and friends are gathered to witness their union ceremony. They have been given blessings by the Three Precious Ones known as Buddha, Dhama & Sangha. When the bride and groom exchange of rings, that moment represents the love and respect that one has towards the other. The abbot of the pagoda teachs bride and groom about 5 things obligations of husband to wife and wife to husband. They are loyalty, love, equality, respect and care for each other in order to keep the home and family are happy for long. [Source]

By Greg Johnson

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