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Bicycle Wisdom: This one runs on fat and saves you money… This one runs on money and makes you fat.

Transportation > Life Mobility

Summary. The commitment to be a full-time cyclist begins long before you purchase a bicycle.

It begins with a choice to live within a bicycle-ride-distance from work, home, shopping, school, and friends.

The results are transformational:

  • less noise pollution
  • less land pollution
  • less water pollution
  • money savings
  • weight loss
  • better cardio vascular health
  • increased awareness of surroundings
  • more social contact
  • time savings
  • more intake of fresh air (in most circumstances)

The list of benefits goes on, and the results are holistic.

Click here to begin your bicycle journey today.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com