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Obesity and High Estrogen Levels in Men: Symptoms, Causes, Testing, Crisis, Dangers, and Treatments

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This document reviews the symptoms, causes, testing, crisis, dangers, and treatments of high estrogen levels in men. If you or someone you love is impacted by high estrogen levels, some knowledge will help you feel more informed and in control.


The most visible symptom of high estrogen levels in men is typically unexplained rapid weight gain that may initially have been the result of other causes, but becomes more rapid as obesity causes estrogen levels to increase and the increased estrogen levels promote rapid weight gain. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that no matter how you became overweight, being overweight is likely to result in high estrogen levels. Memory problems are also a symptom of excess estrogen.


Because obesity is increasingly common, it is probably the most common cause of high estrogen levels. There are many other less common causes of estrogen rising. However, because obesity stimulates estrogen production, and high estrogen production stimulates weight gain, it’s essential to bring body weight down to stop the cycle. It’s possible that weight gain from other causes can ultimately spark the estrogen weight gain cycle. The iodine deficiency and obesity cycle could be a common cause of obesity leading to increased estrogen. The medical conditions of the obesity and estrogen connection are illustrated below. Click here or the image for a larger view.


There are many companies offering lab testing of saliva for hormone levels. Labcorp and DiagnosTechs are examples of well known national labs. Your wellness practitioner may have another lab they work with. A saliva test is a relatively easy and inexpensive home test. Typical test instructions are shown below. Click here or the image below for a larger view.


According to a report by Life Extension Magazine (LEF.org), the prevalence of hormonal imbalances in men is resulting in fatalities. Unfortunately, these preventable fatalities are going untested for the reasons explained below.

“Today’s conventional physicians prescribe blood tests to check glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides, but rarely check their male patients’ free testosterone and estradiol levels. When looking at the horrific-ally high mortality rates associated with imbalances of these critical hormones, it becomes strikingly apparent that a significant number of heart attacks, strokes, bone fractures, and other degenerative diseases are easily preventable. One reason these hormone blood tests are not normally prescribed is their high retail cost, and the fact that many insurance companies refuse to pay for them.” [source]


As explained above, hormonal imbalances can result in “heart attacks, strokes, bone fractures, and other degenerative diseases.” Research suggests men with raised estrogen levels double their stroke risk. [source] Prostate cancer is also more likely with high estrogen levels. [source]


The treatment for high estrogen levels is fortunately fairly simple and inexpensive. The following are considered the most effective defense to reduce estrogen levels.

  • Food. Eat estrogen inhibiting foods while avoiding foods that may increase estrogen. [source] Foods high in fiber help bind excess estrogen so it can be removed from the body. [source]
  • Hydration. Drink plenty of water. Lack of hydration inhibits kidney function, resulting in hormone imbalance.
  • Supplements. Supplements such as EstroDIM by OrthoMolecularProducts.com can help reduce estrogen.
  • Weight. Losing weight should help reduce or eliminate high levels of estrogen in men.

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Advisory and Disclaimer

This document is intended to be informative and not to be used for self-diagnosis or treatment. It’s essential to have a wellness professional provide you with a personalized assessment of your overall health based on full blood work and saliva tests. This picture of your health, with an expert to interpret it, can give you an appropriate plan of action.

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