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Personal Update 200807

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Summary. The most dramatic changes to report this month are in the area of health. I’ve reversed my metabolic age by 25 years in about three weeks, lost 12 pounds, and reduced my percent body fat from 25% to 17%. Most other areas of my life are about the same. As of last month, it is possible to easily view all personal updates in the documents library.

  • Lifeways. My philosophy and “religious practice” continues to be defined as Adonaikido which I also refer to as “Applied Judaism” since it is based upon Tikkun Olam (repairing the world); a foundational teaching and goal of Judaism. I often tell people, “I don’t want to know what you believe. I want to know how do you live because of what you believe.” This is a unifying statement because many of us have different beliefs, yet we share common values, goals, and practices. My daily practice begins with yoga (stretching), a quiet meditation, exercise, and then expanding in the other areas of life described below. Following the Schedule for Life is at the core of my belief system and practice. I continue to look to the Blesofsky family as mentors and roll models for me. They miraculously manage to be attentive parents and also have time to reach out to the community in many ways. They simultaneously follow the ancient traditions of Judaism while embracing the latest in modern information technologies (such as their website). I know how demanding it can be to serve as an outreach focused family. So, I try to support them as I’m able. Their outreach is holistic and offers support and advice for all areas of life such as health, finance, family, relationships, and career as well as the spiritual questions of life.
  • Health. In my personal update last month I shared that I had gained about 18 kg (40 pounds) and aged about 30 years (according to my metabolic age) since last winter. By mid-June I was 100 kg (220) pounds and had a metabolic age of as much as 50 years old! My body fat was at 25%. Since then, I’ve applied the full force of the Holistic Living System to my life. I’ve lost 5.5 kg (12 pounds)- going from 100 kg (220 pounds) to 94.5 kg (108 pounds). My body fat has gone from 25% to 17%, and my metabolic age has gone from 50 years old to today’s measurement of 25 years old. Actually, I’ve not been implementing 100% of the Holistic Living System yet — For example, my sleep schedule isn’t quite where it should be — but, even so, I’m achieving amazing results.
  • Career. I’m thankful that my work at the University of Iowa is going well and my consulting business continues to be busy. My clients have been really wonderful to me. I’m very grateful.
  • Finance. My financial situation is stable right now. I continue to look for ways to decrease my regular expenses and increase my income.
  • Relationships. Makur and I continue to stay in touch daily by Skype and emails. It’s been really interesting to adjust to the dynamics of a long-distance relationship where the emphasis is almost entirely on communications rather than being together and sharing in activities. It still seems fairly recent that she left, so we’re still adjusting. I continue to be grateful for the relationships I have with family, friends, colleagues, and clients.
  • Activism. After years of work, my book, Put Your Life on a Diet, is now on bookshelves and I am starting to receive positive emails from people who have read the book. I believe that responding to these emails and also the media inquiries that are coming in will be an excellent method of outreach. I continue investing time in upgrading the Resources for Life.com website which is reaching hundreds of people from all over the world every day. In the future, other than consulting, I see my greatest positive impact and most effective use of my time being through the website. With regard to activism, I believe that living the answer, is the answer.
  • Effective Living. I’ve been deepening my understanding and practice of effectiveness principles, tools, and techniques. The website conversion is part of this effort. I have a renewed commitment to the Schedule for Life and the Holistic Living System which help to provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Many thanks to all of you who are continuing to keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and meditation time. ~ Gregory

About the Personal Update

For about seven years, the first and most important communication I would send out each month would be a personal update covering seven areas of life described on the Map Page of the Resources for Life.com website. I reference this monthly practice in my Schedule for Life. Over the years, my personal updates went out each month to about 10 family members and friends who I consider to be my “advisory board.” A group of people with several hundred years of collective wisdom. As well as looking for feedback and guidance, I also saw these updates as a way of making a regular personal life assessment. As of September 2007, I began putting these monthly updates here in my online Journal. The seven areas of my personal life have solidified in recent years, so there’s not much “news” to report, but as there is, I’ll report it here in these updates. Additional writings are available through my online journal and other writings.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com