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This Web site, GO IOWA!, represents the efforts of a number of volunteers who care about the preservation and enhancement of Iowa’s Great Outdoors, land and other natural resources.

It is intended as an information resource for those who are also working to promote these ends, in a belief that a single Web site collection of resources, with links to organizations (“Resources”), events and news of current happenings (“Media”), would be a constructive contribution to these related efforts.

We welcome all of those mentioned on the opening home page, linked from “Resources,” or referenced in the stories linked in the “Media” section, and view all of their diverse efforts and conservation goals as worthwhile. However much they, and we, may differ with regard to other issues — partisan politics, religious doctrine, public policy questions, leisure activities and favorite spots teams — when it comes to the preservation and enhancement of Iowa’s Great Outdoors there is enough agreement among us that it seems worthwhile to make this effort to inform and support each other.

We are particularly intrigued with the possibilities and benefits from what are called “Greenbelts,” of which more is to be found elsewhere on this Web site (“Greenbelts”). But we are equally committed to all the efforts of Iowans who seek to preserve and enhance our Great Outdoors.

For a listing of some of the many ways in which all land preservation efforts (not just “Greenbelts”) can be achieved see, “Creating a Greenbelt.”


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