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What can I do to help enhance Iowa’s Great Outdoors?

  • Use this Web site to inform yourself about local organizations
  • Select one or more from those in the “Resources” section
  • Join, contribute, participate in activities, attend meetings
  • Write letters to the editor endorsing those local efforts
  • Contact public officials who budget for your projects
  • Attend public meetings
  • Talk to friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the issues
  • Make presentations at your civic club, church, temple or mosque
  • Send us an email (“Contact”)

. . . and, use your imagination!

We want to hear from you if . . .

Your organization ought to be listed in our “Resources” section

You have a story for our “Media” section

You’ve found errors in the GO IOWA! Web site

There are ways we can make this site more useful to you

You’d like to help us pursue Iowa “Greenbelt” possibilities

Or you just want to say “Hi”

Send us an email at the following address (without the spaces): goiowa @ resourcesforlife.com