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Summary. On August 1, 2006, the Technology Services Resource Group launched the Iowa City Area Computer Support Cooperative. The ICACSC is a consortium of local area computer support providers cooperatively working together to ensure lower prices and better support for customers. The consortium includes computer support providers in the Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty areas. Click here for a directory of local providers.

Benefits. Cooperation benefits everyone in a variety of ways:

  • Support providers receive group discounts for training events and seminars. Sharing lodging expenses and car-pooling to training seminars in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, or Chicago saves additional money. The savings can be passed on to clients.
    Support providers can share the cost of expensive but infrequently used diagnostic equipment and software. The savings are passed on to the customer.
  • Support providers can share and exchange their expertise and knowledge. This results in better service and greater value to customers.
  • Cooperation makes it easier for new support providers to enter the market resulting in a saturated market of support providers which drives support costs and hourly rates down.
  • Market saturation of support providers typically results in faster and better service since support providers want to work harder to keep their customers since customers have a wide range of support providers to choose from.
  • Market saturation reduces the service area which allows support providers to walk or travel by bicycle when responding to support calls. This results in healthier people, significant financial savings, less noise, less pollution, and a better environment for all.
    Collaborative and cooperative expertise allows customers be served by several people working individually, but together, in their area of specialty. This reduces the amount of work done outside of one’s area of expertise, resulting in better service delivered to the customer.