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Mohamed Bzeek – Libyan Muslim Immigrant, Cancer Survivor, Widow, and Foster Parent to Kids With Terminal Illnesses


The story below that was promoted by the media comes after generations of foster parenting by Dawn Bzeek (Dawn Mellon/Ball). According to a Feb 8 2017 article in the L.A. Times:

[Dawn] had become a foster parent in the early 1980s, before she met Bzeek. Her grandparents had been foster parents, and she was inspired by them, Bzeek said. Before she met Bzeek, she opened her home as an emergency shelter for foster children who needed immediate placement or who were placed in protective custody. Dawn Bzeek fell in love with every child she took in. She took them to professional holiday photo sessions, and she organized Christmas gift donation drives for foster children… Dawn Bzeek was such a highly regarded foster mother that her name appeared on statewide task forces for improving foster care alongside doctors and policymakers.

So, Dawn was the inspiration behind the story below.



PBS NewsHour: “Mohamed Bzeek has become somewhat of a local hero in Los Angeles, taking on a life mission that few others would consider: as a foster parent who cares solely for terminally ill children. Special correspondent Gayle Tzemach Lemmon meets Bzeek, a former Libyan immigrant who depends on his Muslim faith as he juggles intensive caretaking and heartbreak, as well as his own battle with cancer.” This video was originally published to YouTube on 24 Feb 2017.

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  1. No his ex-wife, Dawn Mellon/Ball, did it all! He just came in and manipulated the most honest and humbled lady.
    She was the legend. This is her story. He just stole it. She committed suicide after the divorce. He literally stole her life.

  2. Dava, please be quiet. She was cheating on him with her oldest biological son, Jeremys, father. She was also cheating on him with the neighbor beginning in 2011. She only committed suicide because her 3 _____ biological children, Jeremy Steven and Cindy wanted her to commit suicide after the divorce in February 2015. Please don’t mention about how they took all of her cash at the house, that Mohamed gave her. Yeah, she did most of the work, but she got what she deserved, and the whole world has been fooled. Her memory has been destroyed. History is written by the winners! She did do most of the foster parenting from 1984 until 1997, get your facts right.

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