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Flooding News 2023

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This page has news and reports relating to flooding events in the U.S. and other areas. For more background, read “Global Flooding News 2022.” [View]

On 13 Apr 2023, Fort Lauderdale received 26 inches of rain in 8 hours. That is seven months of rain in just over seven hours — a once in 1,000 years event. [Source] Two feet of rain fell in about two hours. [Source]


The stories below are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Headings provide the source and date for each entry.

ABC News (14 Apr 2023)

“Once-in-a-thousand-years flood” — Parts of South Florida have been left underwater after getting one-third of the state’s average annual rainfall in just hours. ABC News’ Lionel Moise reports. [Source]

CBS Mornings (14 Apr 2023)

“Cleanup underway after historic storm slams Fort Lauderdale” — Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is still recovering following a torrential downpour that closed schools and its airport. Manuel Bojorquez spoke to a family that was stranded after their flight was canceled. [Source]

CBS News (13 Apr 2023)

“What causes a 1,000-year rain event?” — Wednesday’s storm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, marked the rainiest day in the city’s history and a 1,000-year rain event. CBS News senior weather producer David Parkinson explains more about this rare weather phenomenon. [Source]

CBS News (13 Apr 2023)

“More rain in the forecast for flooded Fort Lauderdale” — More rain is in the forecast for Fort Lauderdale after the National Weather Service said two feet of rain fell in just a couple hours. The city’s airport was submerged and will remain closed until Friday morning. And getting all the water out is going to take time. Manuel Bojorquez is tracking the latest. [Source]

CBS News (13 Apr 2023)

“Life-threatening flooding in South Florida” — Massive amounts of rainfall closed an airport and has left people stranded in parts of South Florida. Manuel Bojorquez joins “CBS News Mornings” from Fort Lauderdale with a look at the damage at the airport that left all flights grounded. [Source]

NBC News (13 Apr 2023)

“Fort Lauderdale airport shut down after historic flooding” — Historic rainfall in Fort Lauderdale shut down the airport completely, leaving passengers stranded. NBC News’ Guad Venegas has more details on the torrential downpour that lead the city to declare a state of emergency. [Source]

Fox 13 News Utah (12 Apr 2023)

“Flooding overtakes Utah neighborhoods, prompts evacuations” — As Utah has seen record snow levels and now record warm temperatures, snow is melting fast and making for difficult flooding conditions throughout the Wasatch Front. [Watch on YouTube]

CBS Mornings (16 Mar 2023)

“California is facing widespread flooding and mudslides in wake of storm” — Tens of thousands of people remain under evacuation orders in the wake of the latest atmospheric river to pass through California, leaving behind flooding and mudslides. Carter Evans reports. [Source]

ABC News (14 Mar 2023)

“Relentless rain triggers flooding in California” — NOAA issues rare high flood risk warning for several areas after California was hit by the latest atmospheric river. [Source]

Global News (14 Mar 2023)

“Winter storms threaten millions on both US coasts” — Millions of people on both U.S. coasts are getting hammered with another round of brutal winter weather. Another atmospheric river threatens to dump heavy rain on an already-drenched California, while a late snowstorm has left hundreds of thousands in the northeastern states without power. Jackson Proskow looks at the storm systems bearing down, the destruction, how residents are coping, and what’s still to come. [Source]

ABC7 News Bay Area (13 Mar 2023)

“Flooding forces evacuations in Monterey Co. after levee breach with more heavy rain expected Monday” — Search and rescue efforts intensified Sunday in Monterey County in California where there was a 120-foot wide levee breach early Saturday along the Pajaro River. First-responders have rescued close to 200 people. “I can tell you at least close to 800 homes have been impacted by this flood. This is about as bad as you can get and the water is still rising.” [Source]

MSNBC (12 Mar 2023)

“Atmospheric river will bring California more rain later in week” — The National Weather Service said another atmospheric river could worsen severe flooding that has already engulfed towns across California. NBC News’ Scott Cohn on the latest. [Source]

ABC News (11 Mar 2023)

“11 million people under flood alerts in California” — The Northeast is preparing for what could be a major storm taking aim in the next few days. [Source]

NBC News (14 Jan 2023)

“27 million under flood alerts across California” — Today, Santa Cruz county issued emergency evacuations, tweeting for Felton Grove residents to, “please leave now” as the San Lorenzo River began to quickly rise. In Salinas, people are collecting sandbags to protect their homes days after roads washed out and levees broke. Other parts of the state like Sacramento are facing prolonged power outages. Though recent floods caused a 35% drought reduction, one scientist says it’s still not enough. [Source]

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