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Joe Biden Report 2024

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This document offers some news and information about Joe Biden in 2024 leading up to the presidential election in November. More selected content will be added to this page as it becomes available.


Below are some videos about Biden. Some of these mix humor with news. This election cycle various news media outlets seem to be making an effort to be balanced in reporting on various issues and politicians, so there’s an increase in criticism and jokes about Biden. This is explained in more detail at the bottom of this document under the heading “News Media – No Spin.”

Daily Show (23 May 2024)

If the video below does not show up, you may need to view it on YouTube. [View]

“Meet Dakota Galban, Joe Biden’s Biggest Superfan” — Polls show that many Democrats are less than enthusiastic about voting for Joe Biden, but not this guy. Troy Iwata meets Biden’s (only?) superfan and gets his advice for pumping up Biden supporters, and maybe pumping up Biden, himself. [Source]

Late Night with Seth Meyers (27 Feb 2024)

“President Joe Biden Addresses Concerns Over His Age and Shares His 2024 Agenda” — President Joe Biden addresses the concern American voters have about his age, shares what his agenda for the 2024 election is and discusses the dangers Donald Trump poses to democracy. [Source]

[Below: Additional Video]

“President Joe Biden on the Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theories and Dark Brandon Meme” — President Joe Biden talks about appearing in an episode of Parks and Recreation, shares his thoughts on LaGuardia Airport’s massive renovation and responds to the conspiracy theory that he is working with Taylor Swift. [Source]

News Media Reverse Spin

The general tone among news reporters and late night hosts seems to be different than past years. Instead of avoiding any negative reporting or critical statements, a considerable amount of humor is focusing on Biden’s age and his gaffes.

On 13 Jun 2024, Seth Meyers criticized Fox News for what he said were weak criticisms of Joe Biden, and then Meyers went on to say that “we do better jobs of finding clips where Biden looks old” with the “we” seemingly being a reference to everyone in the left of center media. He offered some examples at 4m 57s into his monolog. [View]

The traditionally “left leaning” media seems to be faster than Fox News in reporting on any of Biden’s mistakes. Teams of skilled writers are creating content for late night humor about Biden — seemingly intent on having the best Biden jokes and most thorough video mash-ups to reinforce the jokes.

Why would those on “the left” want to have the funniest Biden jokes? This may be an effort to dominate messaging. A similar approach is used by Anthony Scaramucci in how he has become the funniest most eloquent critic of himself. You’re honestly not going to want to hear anyone else tell Scaramucci jokes. He’s hilarious.

Some analysts are going below the surface to criticize policy concerns and identify other failings of Biden.

Why would there be such a unified effort to seemingly make fun of Biden and criticize him?

Some Biden supporters are concerned that any criticism of Biden could result in erosion of support and votes in November. There’s a desire to see media outlets become self-censored arms of the party and provide only praise for Biden, along with jokes and criticisms of his opponents.

The problem with news and media outlets becoming sectarian and myopically praising only one party is that half of the viewers will immediately conclude they are a propaganda arm of a certain political party. Those people will tune out and find a news source that doesn’t challenge them or make them think.

The short-term and long-term goal and desire is to honestly report with balance and fairness. That’s the job of journalists. That’s what keeps people tuning in. That kind of balanced and unbiased reporting is what fosters critical thinking. If everyone tuning into a certain news source hears a diversity of opinions and views, when they hear some aspect of their opinion reflected, they will want to return for more.

Bill Maher describes himself as a liberal, and he has become one of the strongest critics of the “left” and video clips of his commentaries frequently show up on Fox News. His show features people of different political viewpoints. Some people believe this is the best forum to advance understanding and progress.

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com