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Elizabeth Warren could have been a presidential frontrunner. What happened?

Had women and their allies united to support Elizabeth Warren in the same way moderates united to support Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren could be a frontrunner in the presidential race and could have gone on to become the Party’s nominee.

Tulsi Gabbard – Reference Page

Politics On 2 Feb 2019, military veteran Tulsi Gabbard announced that she is running for president of the United States. This page offers links to more information about Gabbard. Links Facebook.com/TulsiGabbard Medium.com/@TulsiGabbard Tulsi2020.com Twitter.com/TulsiGabbard Wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsi_Gabbard YouTube.com/TulsiGabbard Articles Articles below are listed in chronological order with the most recent at the top. CNN, 2 Feb 2019… Continue reading Tulsi Gabbard – Reference Page

Tulsi Gabbard Interview Regarding Korea – 4 May 2018

About the Video “Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says that no matter how people feel about President Trump, there is an opportunity to end the Korean War and denuclearize North Korea and failure to capitalize could have dire consequences.” ~ From video description on YouTube. Impactful and Effective On this and other issues, Gabbard holds to… Continue reading Tulsi Gabbard Interview Regarding Korea – 4 May 2018

Military Veteran Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii (Videos)

Below are various videos featuring Tulsi Gabbard.     Yahoo News: A Veteran’s Perspective in Congress       ABC This Week Spotlight’s Rep Tulsi Gabbard: From the Battlefield to the Halls of Congress       PBS Makers: From Shy Surfer Girl to Veteran & National Leader       Rep Tulsi Gabbard: Honoring… Continue reading Military Veteran Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii (Videos)