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Countries in Crisis 2023

Photo by Ahmed akacha on Pexels.com

Summary This page provides an overview of countries in crisis as a result of war, natural disasters, economic instability, and social unrest. From one year to the next, the list is generally growing. Typically one or two stories are provided as a starting point for further research, study, and discussion. Some one-time catastrophic events have… Continue reading Countries in Crisis 2023

China-India Relations 2022

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Summary In December 2022, tensions between China and India escalated slightly. Hopefully this reference page will be of little necessity going forward, but it’s being created to track related stories. News stories are below in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Source and date are provided for each entry. CNN (15 Dec… Continue reading China-India Relations 2022

Ebola News 2022

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Summary As of 26 Nov 2022, all schools in Uganda have been closed due to an Ebola outbreak. This document provides some news stories in chronological order with entry headings showing the source and date. BBC (25 Nov 2022) “Ebola outbreak closes all schools in Uganda” — Millions of students in Uganda have been sent… Continue reading Ebola News 2022

Iran News 2022

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Summary This document offers some selected news about Iran as of November 2022. Entries are in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Entry headers provide source and date. The 2023 Report is now available. [View] About Iran Iran is home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, beginning with the formation of… Continue reading Iran News 2022

Ukraine War News 2022

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Summary This page offers recent news about the war in Ukraine. Entries are listed in chronological order with the source and date used as entry headers. The featured photo at the top of this page is of the Motherland Monument in Kyiv. [Source] Support Here are some links to ways you can support Ukraine. News… Continue reading Ukraine War News 2022