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Apple MS Office 2004 Word Save As Web Page Default

Problem: Sometimes in Microsoft Word, “Save as Web Page” is the default save as option under the file menu. The standard Save As menu option disappears. Solution: Tools > Customize Toolbars/Menus > reset Menu Bar.

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“Hackers” – Watch the 1995 Classic Cyber Film

In this cyberpunk thriller, a renegade group of elite teenage computer hackers rollerblade through New York City by day and ride the information highway by night. After hacking into a high-stakes industrial conspiracy, they become prime suspects and must recruit the best of the cybernet underground to help clear their names. Staring: Jonny Lee Miller,… Continue reading “Hackers” – Watch the 1995 Classic Cyber Film

Wargames – Watch the Classic 1980s Movie Online Free

Summary A 80’s teenager, bored by traditional high school subjects like biology but fascinated by computers, accidentally taps into the Pentagon’s top-secret computer…the USA’s NORAD system. He starts what he innocently believes is a computer game called “Global Thermonuclear War,” but the “game” is real. The Pentagon’s best minds cannot shut down or reprogram the… Continue reading Wargames – Watch the Classic 1980s Movie Online Free