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CLIMATE – Federal Government Announces Ominous Climate Report (23 Nov 2018)


Below is news coverage over the past few days of a 23 Nov 2018 government climate report that describes serious negative outcomes that will be unavoidable if we don’t act soon to avert them. Some analysts are describing this as an extinction level event. The two volume report is available on the GlobalChange.gov website (Part 1 & Part 2). The Weather Underground article from 26 Nov 2018 provides a good summary.

CBS News (26 Nov 2018)

“A new report from the U.S. government says man-made climate change is already damaging the country, and it will only get worse in the coming decades. Jake Levine, a former energy and climate aide to President Obama, spoke to CBSN about what the country needs to do to reverse the damage being done to the planet.”

TRT World (26 Nov 2018)

“Ahead of a UN conference on climate change, the international body will publish it’s latest report on greenhouse gas emissions. Before its release, scientists have warned that the world is on course for a catastrophic disaster due to climate change. Assed Baig looks at the big question: Can the environment and humanity be saved?”

Voice of America (25 Nov 2018)

“Washington is digesting the U.S. government’s starkest-ever warnings and most dire predictions to date on climate change. VOA’s Michael Bowman reports, the White House is issuing no calls for action in response to the National Climate Assessment, and President Donald Trump continues to mock the very concept of global warming.”

ABC News (24 Nov 2018)

“The 1,600-plus-page report paints a dire picture as the White House maintains the information presented is ‘largely based on the most extreme scenario.'”

CBS News (24 Nov 2018)

“The Congressionally-mandated National Climate Assessment was released on Friday, revealing that climate change is already affecting every region of the U.S. Andrew Light, co-author of the report and a distinguished senior fellow at the World Resources Institute, joins CBSN to discuss.”

CBS This Morning (24 Nov 2018)

“The U.S. government says natural disasters are worsening because of climate change. In blunt language, the National Climate Assessment warns that temperatures in the U.S. could increase by as much as 12 degrees by the end of the century and cites humans as the cause of more than 90 percent of the current warming. CBS News climate and weather contributor Jeff Berardelli joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss how to make a difference on an individual level and the economic repercussions of climate change.”

NBC News (24 Nov 2018)

“Evidence of human-caused climate change is strengthening, a new report from 13 federal agencies says. It could cost hundreds of billions of dollars from rising sea levels and infrastructure damage, among other impacts.”

TODAY (24 Nov 2018)

“A dire climate change report released by the federal government lays out predictions about how people and prosperity are threatened by more frequent natural disasters. The timing of when the report was released is drawing criticism. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports for TODAY.”

ABC News (23 Nov 2018)

“Scientists said significant, immediate action was required to “avoid sustainable damage” to the U.S. economy, environment and human health.”

CBS News (23 Nov 2018)

“A government report released Friday reveals the dire consequences of climate change. Jeff Berardelli, a CBS News climate and weather contributor, joined CBSN to discuss the report’s findings.”

CNN (23 Nov 2018)

“A new US government report delivers a dire warning about climate change and its devastating impacts, saying the economy could lose hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century.”

MSNBC (23 Nov 2018)

“A federal report has found that climate change will have a devastating impact on the health of Americans and warns that the country’s economy will be negatively affected by the end of the century.”

PBS NewsHour (23 Nov 2018)

“On Friday, the federal government released its most dramatic report yet on the effects of climate change. According to scientists, the country is already experiencing serious consequences from rising global temperatures, including more frequent and severe storms, fires and flooding. John Yang talks to Michael Oppenheimer, professor of geosciences and international affairs at Princeton University.”

USA Today (23 Nov 2018)

“A massive report issued by the Trump administration on Friday emphasizes the dire threat that human-caused global warming poses to the United States and its citizens. ‘Earth’s climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities,’ researchers say in the report, officially Volume II of the National Climate Assessment. (Vol. 1 was released last year.)”

By Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson is a freelance writer and tech consultant in Iowa City. He is also the founder and Director of the ResourcesForLife.com website. Learn more at AboutGregJohnson.com

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