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EV Eco Impact Report 2024

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Summary This document highlights some of the concerns about the environmental and human impact of electric vehicle production. Closed Loop Lifecycle As much as possible, a closed loop lifecycle should be the goal for EV manufacturing. While materials will be brought into the manufacturing process, reuse and recycling of those materials going forward would reduce… Continue reading EV Eco Impact Report 2024

Energy Report 2024

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Summary This document provides news about emerging energy production technologies including new methods of utilizing nuclear power as a supplement to renewable energy sources. Some news from past years is included here for context. For more, read Nuclear Power News 2023. In April 2024, it was reported that California had experienced several periods of being… Continue reading Energy Report 2024

Nuclear Power News 2023

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Summary This page provides nuclear power news highlights for 2023. For additional context and background, read the “Fusion Energy News 2022” report. [Read] Background 2010-2022 In a TED Talk presentation from 2010, Bill Gates described the TerraPower concept of nuclear energy production at lower cost with reduced risk and less waste. [Source] That presentation is… Continue reading Nuclear Power News 2023