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Greg Johnson – Interests

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Summary. I have a variety of interests which are interwoven with my professional career. These interests are listed below in alphabetical order.

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Advising. I enjoy being able to offer advice to people from a holistic perspective – drawing from my areas of interest and my professional career. I have provided informal support to college students since 2001 assisting with everything from academics to fitness. I pursues my interest of academic support through the Academic Services Resource Group. In the 1990s, I conceived of and established one of the first online universities long before online education was mainstream.

Bicycling. Whether it is pouring rain, 100 degrees, or 30 degrees below zero, I enjoy commuting by bicycle year-round. My interest in bike riding began in the 1970s when I participated in several annual bike rides across Iowa (RAGBRAI). I have ridden as much as 200 miles less than 48 hours. I promote bicycles and alternative transportation methods through the Life Mobility Transportation Group.

Consumer Advocacy. I pursue my interest in consumer advocacy as the director of the Consumer Defense Resource Group. I also offer testing and evaluation of products and services.

Languages. I earned a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Iowa. I am conversationally fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language. I pursue my interest in Sign Language through the Silent Communications Resource Group. Other languages of interest include Hebrew and Arabic. I also maintain the Language Learning Resource Group web page.

Life Coach. I enjoy offering inspiration and ideas for living a holistically successful life. Although not certified or professionally trained as a counselor or life coach, I do have some life experiences in areas such as relationships, health, finance, business, and life philosophies that make me uniquely suited for offering insight and guidance on various topics.

Music. I began my study of piano at the age of 5. Not a strong sight-reader, I enjoy “composing” my own improvisational music. I also review music each month from various genres of contemporary music and provides written reviews of songs in the Resources for Life Newsletter. From these monthly selections, an annual Heart Songs Audio CD is created. My own compositions are available online.

Politics. Because of my varied interests, my involvement in politics goes beyond traditional sectarian partisanship. I provide political analysis through the Resources for Life Newsletter and access to online political resources through the Political Resource Group.

Photography. My photographic work includes nature, still life, architecture, portraits, wildlife, art, and more. My photos have been used by news agencies such as the Columbia News Service and the Kansas City Star. Selections from my portfolio of photography are available online. I pursue my interest in photography through the Photography Resource Group and the Iowa City Photographers Guild.

Public Speaking. I have traveled in the U.S. and Canada to speak on a variety of topics including technology, sustainable housing, and religion. For example, I was asked to speak at a state-wide Islamic conference in Iowa. The speech was attended by hundreds of Muslims from the region.

Religion. I has been asked to speak at religious conferences to address various topics of theology and observance. My 20-year practice and study of religions has culminated in various projects and writings such as “Christian-Jewish Fusion,” “The Ruth Project,” “Islamic Life,” and “Jesus for Judaism.” My writing, “A Vegetarian Visits a Kosher Slaughter House” was well received by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. It appeared as story #5 in the March 2006 edition of the Resources for Life Newsletter. My writing on Passover was printed in the Iowa magazine “Jewish Spark.” I developed a new religion called Adonaikido. I am currently following and refining the Holistic Living System – a minimalist approach to living that incorporates all areas of life including finances, career, fitness, and nutrition.

Simple Living. As a minimalist interested in simple living, I am a coordinator for the Small House Society, an organization that has been nationally recognized as instrumental in the Small House Movement. Because the Small House Society is volunteer supported, my position is non-paid.

Video Production. Through the Life Media Group and Resources for Life TV, I enjoy video recording and production. I was able to create a brief video about Amma, “The Hugging Saint” – being one of the few people in North America permitted to video record in her presence.

Wellness and Weight Loss. I developed a weight loss and fitness program that allowed me to successfully lose over 100 pounds and keep it off for two years. I promote health, fitness, and wellness through the Health Resource Group at Resources for Life.

Writing. I have been writing regularly for over 20 years. The Resources for Life Newsletter is received by readers on every continent and has been distributed monthly since 1999. Some of my writings have been published, such as my writing on Passover that was printed in the Iowa magazine “Jewish Spark.”