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Greg Johnson – Personal Life Map

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Summary. Below is a summary of my life organized by life categories listed alphabetically rather than in order of increasing interdependence described on the map page. This represents a general status report for these areas of life.

For more about what’s on my mind, you can read recent ResourcesForLife.com newsletters and if we’re not already connected on Facebook, I invite you to visit my page and send me a friend request.

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  • Activism. With regard to activism, I continue to believe the answer is to live the answer. As such, I believe that lifestyle activism and becoming the media are the most powerful methods for impacting the world. For this reason, sharing my photography, producing videos, and writing content for the ResourcesForLife.com website continue to be my primary means of activism and outreach. The site has had over a million visitors in the past few years, and it’s an effective way to have a broad positive impact. I also attempt to live a transparent, open, and accessible life so I can share my discoveries and successes as well as what I’ve learned through life’s setbacks.
  • Career. I’m thankful that my work at the University of Iowa is going well. My technology consulting business continues to be busy. My current clients continue to be wonderful to work with, and I’m also gaining some new ones. In recent months I’ve been doing more with web design.
  • Effective Living. I’m trying to stick with the Schedule for Life and the Holistic Living System which help provide maximum effectiveness and efficiency. I’ve not updated these systems for several years, so an update is needed.
  • Finance. I continue to look for ways to decrease my regular expenses and increase my income. I’m also automating and streamlining my financial management which allows me to gain valuable insights into spending and earning trends.
  • Health. I’ve started another SuperShrinkMe.com 120-Day Wellness Challenge. This time, equipped with more powerful tools and resources, I hope to see some success with weight loss. I’ve begun completely overhauling my wellness system and weight management system. The foundation for this is found on the new Wellness Centers page.
  • Lifeways. My faith and religious practice is currently Adonaikido. Since the teachings, beliefs, and principles of Adonaikido are based upon various world religions, I’m expanding upon some of the Lifeways resource pages. As a result of my diversity of faith, many people still consider my beliefs and practices consistent with Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism and Secular Humanism.
  • Relationships. Makur and I are doing well. I’m grateful for the relationships I have with family, friends, colleagues, and clients.

Many thanks to all of you who are continuing to keep me in your thoughts, prayers, and meditation time. ~ Gregory

About the Personal Update

For about eleven years, the first and most important communication I would send out each month would be a personal update covering seven areas of life described on the Map Page of the ResourcesForLive.com website. I reference this monthly practice in my Schedule for Life. Over the years, my personal updates went out each month to about 10 family members and friends who I consider to be my “advisory board” – a group of people with several hundred years of collective wisdom. As well as looking for feedback and guidance, I also saw these updates as a way of making a regular personal life assessment. As of September 2007, I began publishing these monthly updates here in my online Journal. The seven areas of my personal life have solidified in recent years, so as of the February 2013 update, I shifted to a simple personal note and placed the map here.