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Diversity Report 2023

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Summary This page provides some news and information related to the topic of diversity in 2023. There are people who support diversity initiatives and those who resist them. This document seeks to provide basic information about diversity. A brief overview of the diversity criticisms is provided, but the rest of this document focuses on benefits… Continue reading Diversity Report 2023

Brothers of Climbing – Challenging Stereotypes – Rock Climbers and Diversity

Inspiring Advertising Brothers of Climbing is an organization tackling diversity in rock climbing. “We believe there should be more inclusion, better representation, and a tighter community.” Watch the video below to learn more. To watch more videos like this one, see our Inspiring Advertising page.

“We Accept” – Airbnb Super Bowl 2017 Commercial – Diversity and Inclusion

Inspiring Advertising About This video was posted by Airbnb to YouTube on 5 February 2017. About 48 hours later, there had been over 3.3 million views. That original video seems to have been deleted by the Airbnb people. As of 5 Mar 2020, the video below remains on their YouTube channel. [View] Video