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Mike Pence Report 2023

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Summary This page provides an offering of curated news about Mike Pence in 2023. News stories are provided in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Entry headings provide source and date. Related posts are GOP Leadership Report 2023 and Vivek Ramaswamy Report 2023. News Forbes (6 Sep 2023) “Mike Pence Gives Talk… Continue reading Mike Pence Report 2023

RFL News 2023 Q3

Welcome I hope you’re doing well. Thanks for taking time to read this quarterly newsletter of Resources For Life. Personal News For those of you who want more than four updates per year, I have a monthly personal news update. Newsletters are available for Q1 [Jan | Feb | Mar] and Q2 [Apr | May | Jun] and Q3… Continue reading RFL News 2023 Q3

Vivek Ramaswamy Report 2023

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Summary This is an evolving reference page offering information about Vivek Ramaswamy. The top portion of this document provides an alphabetical list of policies, opinions, and topics. Then after the different positions are listed, general news is provided in chronological order. Additional information is available on the campaign website, Vivek2024.com and YouTube Channel. Related posts… Continue reading Vivek Ramaswamy Report 2023

Nuclear Power News 2023

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Summary This page provides nuclear power news highlights for 2023. For additional context and background, read the “Fusion Energy News 2022” report. [Read] Background 2010-2022 In a TED Talk presentation from 2010, Bill Gates described the TerraPower concept of nuclear energy production at lower cost with reduced risk and less waste. [Source] That presentation is… Continue reading Nuclear Power News 2023

Streaming Video Report 2023

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Summary This page provides a list of featured streaming content for 2023 from some of the main streaming services such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The list has previews in order posted online. In addition to content currently available, announcements for future releases are also included. In addition to new content, clips from… Continue reading Streaming Video Report 2023

Air Travel Report 2023

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Summary This document provides news and reports about air travel as of 2023. On 23 Jul 2023, it was reported by NBC News that 343,000 flights have been delayed in the 55 days since 29 May 2023. In late June, many hundred thousand travelers were grounded due to climate extremes. [Source] It’s expected that climate… Continue reading Air Travel Report 2023

E-Bike Report 2023

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Summary This document provides e-bike information and resources. Some commentary is provided, and current news is below in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Needs Assessment Your answers to the following questions will help guide you to an e-bike configuration that best fits your needs. Buying Guide Based on the considerations above,… Continue reading E-Bike Report 2023

Rivian News 2023

Summary This document offers the latest news and information about the electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, as well as some context and commentary about the EV industry. Alternatives Regarding transportation needs, some people would say that we don’t need better cars, we need better cities. For residents of sustainable cities and walkable communities, cars are less… Continue reading Rivian News 2023

Body Image Report 2023

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Summary This document provides news and information about body image altering methods, trends, and outcomes as of 2023. This document does not address the separate unrelated topic of gender altering surgery. The information here is only related to amplifying or diminishing attributes by those wanting to stay within their gender assigned at birth. More on… Continue reading Body Image Report 2023

Home Exercise Report 2023

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Summary Establishing a home-based workout can save time, save money, and result in fewer excuses to skip a workout. At home, there’s no waiting during circuit training to access a weight station. This document offers some suggestions and considerations for establishing a home workout routine. Remember that any significant change in diet or exercise should… Continue reading Home Exercise Report 2023

Social Media Report 2023

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Summary This document provides some highlights of important news and events relating to the impact of social media on society. Entries are below in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Source and date are provided in the heading of each entry. For additional news and context, read “Social Media Report 2022.” News… Continue reading Social Media Report 2023

Population Report 2023

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Summary Population topics and issues are regularly in the news. This page offers news and reports for 2023. For more, read Population Report 2022 and also the Population Resources page. Gardening The gardening image at the top of this page shows quality of life that’s made possible by clean air, quality soil, flourishing pollinators, food… Continue reading Population Report 2023