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Home Exercise Report 2023

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Summary Establishing a home-based workout can save time, save money, and result in fewer excuses to skip a workout. At home, there’s no waiting during circuit training to access a weight station. This document offers some suggestions and considerations for establishing a home workout routine. Remember that any significant change in diet or exercise should… Continue reading Home Exercise Report 2023

Wellness Plan for Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension

This video presents a health and wellness plan for addressing and preventing: Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension. This approach advocates better sleep quality/quantity, strength exercises (stair climbing), and low carb / low glycemic index food choices. Suggestions in this video for weight loss, glucose control, and lowering blood pressure are from personal experience. You… Continue reading Wellness Plan for Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension

Universal Wellness Plan, Version 20131104MO1200

Introduction The Universal Wellness Program is a health protocol designed to reduce or eliminate the conditions that produce IIPC Syndrome (Interrelated Illness Phases and Cycles Syndrome). In summary, IIPC is a constellation of widely common lifestyle and nutrition related health conditions and outcomes that result in illness and death to millions of people. IIPC generally goes undiagnosed… Continue reading Universal Wellness Plan, Version 20131104MO1200