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Gender Report 2023

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Summary June is Pride Month — a time when issues of gender become a focus of news and conversation around the world. This report provides reference to a variety of gender-related topics and news updated for 2023. This is an evolving document and will be updated over time. For more related to this topic, read… Continue reading Gender Report 2023

Target Pride Display 2023

Summary In May 2023, Target became the focus of a controversy over their Pride Display. Some products presented on a few shelves were setup in preparation for Pride Month which is observed in June to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Those opposed to the queer-themed products described them as a satanic effort to push transgender clothing… Continue reading Target Pride Display 2023

Eco News 2023

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Summary This document provides environmental news and information including news of droughts, flooding, rising oceans, and more. Entries are listed in chronological order with source and date in the heading. For information on flooding, read “Flooding News 2023.” Last year’s eco reports include: 2023 News CNBC (14 Nov 2023) “Why Oil Giants Shell And BP… Continue reading Eco News 2023

COVID Report 2023

Summary This page provides some reports and news about the ongoing evolution of COVID including new variants and information about long-COVID. Entries below are in chronological order with the source and date shown in each heading. News ABC News (20 Nov 2023) “New COVID-19 vaccines to be available within weeks” — New Covid vaccines targeting… Continue reading COVID Report 2023

Homeless Report 2023

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Summary This page offers reports and news about about poverty and homelessness in the United States. Quick Facts Success Stories In 2015, Utah became the first state to reduce chronic homelessness by 91 percent. [Source] Following Utah’s success, other states and some municipalities have used a similar approach. Finland is also an example of success… Continue reading Homeless Report 2023

Gun Safety and Gun Rights – 2023

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Summary This document offers news and reports on the latest state of gun safety and gun rights in the United States. As gun-related tragedies increase in frequency and severity, the tug of war between opposing sides of the issue continues at a deadlock. The topic of firearms and the second amendment are under the overall… Continue reading Gun Safety and Gun Rights – 2023

Direct Action Report 2022

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Introduction This document provides some recent news reports relating to direct action in 2022, and the context for what we are seeing globally. In its simplest form, direct action is a way for a group to circumvent the normal democratic process for the advancement of a goal. While freedom of speech is part of the… Continue reading Direct Action Report 2022

Population Report 2022

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Summary This document provides some news and information about the state of our global population. Information below is listed chronologically with the most recent at the top. Entry headers include source and date. Some commentary for context is at the top of this document. This document is a companion to a longer population reference guide… Continue reading Population Report 2022

Politics, Religion, and Governance News 2022

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Summary As 2022 draws to a close, several governments around the world have been in the news that are controlled by religious organizations, groups, individuals, and political parties. These religious leaders have varying degrees of tolerance for dissent. Afghanistan, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and other countries have law enforcement agents tasked with ensuring that… Continue reading Politics, Religion, and Governance News 2022

Ebola News 2022

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Summary As of 26 Nov 2022, all schools in Uganda have been closed due to an Ebola outbreak. This document provides some news stories in chronological order with entry headings showing the source and date. BBC (25 Nov 2022) “Ebola outbreak closes all schools in Uganda” — Millions of students in Uganda have been sent… Continue reading Ebola News 2022

Adrift: America in 100 Charts — Scott Galloway

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Summary This page offers information and video interviews relating to Scott Galloway’s new book Adrift: America in 100 Charts. Links Articles Book Description from Amazon We are only just beginning to reckon with our post-pandemic future. As political extremism intensifies, the great resignation affects businesses everywhere, and supply chain issues crush bottom lines, we’re faced… Continue reading Adrift: America in 100 Charts — Scott Galloway

Healthcare Scarcity News 2022

Summary This document provides some information about improving access to healthcare in rural and underserved urban areas. This is referred to as the democratization of healthcare. This is generally a problem for sparsely populated areas, and areas impacted by severe poverty where schools, hospitals, grocery stores, libraries, and other essential services are limited or dismantled.… Continue reading Healthcare Scarcity News 2022